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(Turkisch tea house)
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== Turkisch tea house ==
== Turkisch tea house ==
* pillows on the floor
* [ pillows on the floor]
* cosy
* cosy

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Participants of this project

Everyone is welcome to join. Please contact Will-Do or send an e-mail to and you will be filled in with all the information you need.

  • Will-Do (lead)
  • HansF <gmc> Will-Do: HansF is van de belgische hackerspace scene
  • Sandb, from 0x20 and hsbxl
  • VictorB Small personal projects and buildup crew (Professional Pruts0r)
  • Yashiko from VoidWarranties, hackerspace antwerp, belgium

Chosen Lounge design for the CCC

  • first the brainstorm


Turkisch tea house


  • as the people in Mongolia

Robbers / Thiefs / Bandits

1001 nights

A village around a lake

         <Will-Do> ik durf te wedden dat we iets na kunnen maken met lichtjes, in dezelfde sfeer
         <Fenrir> blauw vloerkleed 
         <Will-Do> met groen er omheen en lichtjes erbij die een watereffect maken


Beach / Lake




Current events