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Eth0:2010 Facilities In The Area

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In Wieringerwerf are a couple of supermarkets, a Deen & an Aldi. The Deen is open daily from 0800 til 2100, the Aldi from 0830 to 1800 (friday 2000). See here for directions.

If other geeks already bought all the beer in Wieringerwerf you can go to Medemblik, that town has another Deen and a small Spar. The Deen is open daily from 0800 til 2100, the Spar doesn't have its opening hours online. Here are directions to the Deen & Spar

Hardware store

If you need more ducttape, campingaz, tools, etc, there is a Fixet in Middenmeer & Medemblik. The one in Middenmeer is open from 0830 til 1900, in Medemblik til 1800. Both are open til 2100 on friday.

Computer store

Broke your computer? Overheated CPU's? Need more harddisks? In Wieringerwerf is a small computerstore, Computers4All. Directions


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Broke your leg? Got a sunstroke? Need more blood? We have a first aid team on site. If you need to go to the hospital, there is one in Den Helder and one in Hoorn.

Atm / Money

Need cash? There are a couple of ATMs nearby:

Rabobank in Den Oever

ABN AMRO in Wieringerwerf

ING in Wieringerwerf

Quick and easy food

Hungry & lazy? Here are some snackbars & cafetarias:

La Horminga, Wieringerwerf, snacks & sandwiches. directions

Pizzeria Wieringerwerf, pizza. Open daily from 1100 to 2300, 0000 on friday. directions

Lotus Wok Plaza, Wieringerwerf, chinese food. Open daily from 1100 to 2200. directions

Restaurant Basalt, Den Oever, generic restaurant. directions

Food delivery services

We are pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but there are a couple of restaurants which are willing to bring foodz, see or call the pizzeria mentioned above at 0227-602626. The adress to give them is Noorderdijkweg 23, 1771 MJ Wieringerwerf.

Pet Store

Hungry cat? Fresh hamsters for your system? Need fishfood? There is a big pet store in Wervershoof.

Fuel station

Need fuel for your car/truck/motorcycle/helicopter/kart/spaceship?

Avia, Wieringerwerf directions

Texaco, A7 to the south directions

Unknown brand fuel station, A7 to the north directions

Some of the fuel stations in the area sell red diesel & kerosine as well.

There is a charging point / loading station for your electrical bike or scooter here. For your Tesla Roadster you'll have to go to Wormerveer.

Particle accelerator

Need a particle accelerator for your projects? CERN in Geneva is only a 30 minute flight on 1/2 impulse. See here for driving directions if your vehicle doesn't have an ion engine.

Flux capacitor refueling

Want to go back in time to relive the event all over again, but your flux capacitor is out of juice? Don't worry, a flux capacitor refueling station is in close reach. Time, space and dimension details will be made available at the event. Opening hours will be in the near future or the far present.

This is information about the Eth0:2010 Summer Edition.