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Eth0:2010 Volunteers Needed

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We need minions! A lot of team still need people, see below what we need at the moment. If you want to help but don't see anything you like below, please contact pluisje.


Can you handle your drinks? The bar team needs some people helping out with the consumer to fridge action.


  • Make drinks
  • Make conversation with tipsy geeks
  • Call logistics to get said geeks back to their tent
  • Manage the audio in the lounge/bar
  • Cleanup after the lounge/bar closes
  • $> make coffee && make tea

Willing to help? Signup here:

  • User:Tancaliel wil best drankjes uitdelen en beschikt desgewenst over roze cocktailjurkje voor juiste aankleding :+


Did you read the entire wiki, examined the entire map and think you know it all? We need a bunch of geeks to help others at the InfoHelpdesk.


  • Help with network settings
  • Help finding local services
  • Hand out maps
  • Call teamleads if stuff isn't working on the field, and promise visitors it'll be alright.

Willing to help? Signup here:

  • (your name)


Team Program/Speakerdesk/Lectures is looking for:

* People who like to operate a videocamera & record the lectures/workshops
* People with video-editing skills for making a nice intro, editing the raw material, etc.
* People who introduce the speakers, manage the lecture-hall and hand out the microphone to the public during question-rounds.

Willing to help? Signup here:

  • (your name)


  • Logistics needs a lot of people during buildup & teardown for carrying stuff from cars to storage and to the field. A new inventory also needs to be made when the event is over.
  • 1 or 2 people on standby to oversee the storage when aequitas is busy. Please bring your own defensive weapons.
  • People available for incidental cargo-runs to local or not-so-local stores.

This is information about the Eth0:2010 Summer Edition.