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eth0:2011 Winter will take place in "de grote droogloods" at de Panoven in Zevenaar. Route descriptions are available.


These pictures where taken during the last field day :)

Of course during the event, everything will look different. The design team is working on some pretty neat atmosphere. We'll have a lounge, bar, retro in the main hall. The left and right larger bedrooms turns into a lab and a lecture/workshop area.

Droogloods 3d.png

Panoven entrance.jpg

Front door, the building

Panoven lounge and bar.jpg

Lounge and Bar, but not with these chairs ;)

Panoven retro.jpg

Location for Retro

Panoven lab.jpg

Lab, and yes the beds will be gone by then.

Panoven sleeping bunk.jpg

Sleeping bunk, where the beds will stay.

Panoven outside.jpg

Outside area. If you want to throw a winter BBQ of just cool off.


  • 1 main area with lounge, retro and bar
  • 2 labs
  • 8 Showers, lots of Sinks etc.
  • Bedrooms from 6 to 10 people.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the ticket. The rest is available at the bar at fair prices.
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