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Eth0:2014 winter talks

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All days

Kids program

A program for kids where all workshops will be accessible for people from the age of 6 (younger people might need some extra support). The main language will be Dutch, however, our presenters will be multi-lingual and English won't be a problem. If you feel like you want to join even if the number on your passport is disputing your kid-status, you're welcome to!

Timetable TBA

Art is I; science is we

A workshop combining chemistry and physics, presented by the lovely Lian.

Oooh! What does THAT button do?

Littlebits are tiny little bits of electronics, snapping together by magnets. Combined they give access to an easy step into the electronics world.

Fall in love with a pigeon

Electronics for kids. Together we'll solder a print and make LEDs shine!

pics / explanation of the print

Imagination Taking Shape

With polymer clay and/or pottery clay we'll design statues, pendants and miniature object.


Making cookie-cutters with the Ultimaker 3d printer & Doodle3d, then make the cookies. Afterwards we'll of course eat (and share) them!