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Eth0:2014 winter talks

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Mrngm // Limesco

Where are we now (limesco), and what is our path from here.

Limesco is a new mobile phone-netwerk for geeks, IT-specialistS, software-developers and hackers.

Failbaitr, amx109 // Flatpackers

Building software to design and cnc-mill houses out of plywood.

This talk centers around the posibilities of creating open source software as a team, which by now is a tried and tested technique, and combining that school of thought with the upcoming tools to macnufacture real-world objects using that code. Both of these have been known to work together pretty good, but most are not reaching for the same size of "real world" applications we are dreaming of.

We would like to present our project, and ideas around bulding full-size buildings using (self build) 3 axis cnc cutters, Sheets of plywood, and code to automatically generate all the requiered building blocks.

Douwe Schmidt // Privacy Cafe

Discussing tools and solutions for explaining privacy to regular internet users.

Sander Venema // Privacy by design

On how to build or adept tools for web-publishing so they take privacy into consideration by design.

This talk is about the conflict that can arise between getting your message out there, and trying to maintain your audience's right to privacy. In the last couple of years, with the dramatic increase in the use of social media, often one of the most effective ways of spreading your message to a large group of people has become to foster a community using existing social networks, like Facebook or Twitter.

The problem with using these services is that, while convenient, they also snoop on your audience’s private data. These companies make their money by creating and selling detailed profiles to marketers, so that they can effectively target their ads. Often these services run their own ad service as well, as is the case with Facebook and Google. Later on, this data can come back to hunt you. Let’s say you’ve been searching on Google for some serious illness or disease. You can imagine what your health insurance company would do, had it access to this information. Up the premiums or deny you insurance altogether.

Sander Venema was asked by Annie Machon to redesign her website in early 2012. We took special care in avoiding common traps that can compromise the security and privacy of the site’s visitors when designing the new site.

In his talk, Sander will talk about the special considerations that come with building websites for whistleblowers with high security & privacy needs, both for the owner/operator, and the visitors of the site; discuss what the problem points are, and how we worked around them to create a website that is both pretty, usable and as safe as possible. He will also talk about domain security and governments claiming jurisdiction over a domain name, even if the actual server is not located in their country and the site isn’t aimed specifically at their citizens. There have been several cases in the past where websites have been brought offline because of this.

Steffan Karger // OpenVPN-NL

Open source VPN for the Dutch government (and others).

OpenVPN-NL is an OpenVPN variant aimed at use by the Dutch government, and has been ceritfied for networks with a classification up to the level 'Departmentaal Vertrouwelijk' (something like 'For Official Use Only').

This talk will be about what we did to get it approved, how we contribute to the community and some of the vulnerabilities we found along the way.

James Rice // Workshop FiberSplicing

James is going to show us how to use a Fiber Splicer, tell us about the various fibers we use in IT, and will allow participants to make their own splices with the splicer.

Kids program

A program for kids where all workshops will be accessible for people from the age of 5 (younger people might need some extra support). The main language will be Dutch, however, our presenters will be multi-lingual and English won't be a problem. If you feel like you want to join even if the number on your passport is disputing your kid-status, you're welcome to!

Timetable TBA

Art is I; science is we

A workshop combining chemistry and physics, presented by the lovely Lian.

Oooh! What does THAT button do?

Littlebits are tiny little bits of electronics, snapping together by magnets. Combined they give access to an easy step into the electronics world.

Fall in love with a pigeon

Electronics for kids. Jildou will accompany the group, together we'll solder a print and make LEDs shine!

(This workshop is been given earlier at the kids-wednesday-afternoon at the Library in Leeuwarden)

pics / explanation of the print

Imagination Taking Shape

With polymer clay and/or pottery clay we'll design statues, pendants and miniature object.




Making cookie-cutters with the Ultimaker 3d printer & Doodle3d, then make the cookies. Afterwards we'll of course eat (and share) them!