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''Start bid: 100 euro''
''Start bid: 100 euro''
# 100 euro - [[User:x6m|Maeddoc]] ([[User talk:x6m|talk]]) 18:26, 4 May 2019 (CET)
# 100 euro -

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There will be an auction for the 1% and -if there's more demand than availability- 2% room. The auction will be held via this wikipage.


 The bids are ranked by price. (and time)
 There are two auctions:
 Auction 1 for the 1% rooms, 2-3 single beds, room incl private shower and toilet: 
 the highest 7 bidders will win a 1% room. Start bid: 125 euro
 Action 2 for the 2% rooms, 2-8 bunkbeds, usage of general showers and toilet: 
 the highest 10 bidders will win a 2% room. Start bid: 100 euro
 There's one 1% room with three beds. Please state with your bid if you're particularly 
 interested in this room. If multiple people are interested, the room will be assigned 
 according to bid and time (first and highest bidder first)
 The highest bidder can choose the room the first (potential excluding the 3-bed 1% room)
 The room can be shared with as many people as there are beds in that room. Further plans 
 are up to the winner, but all people included must have a normal ticket.
 The auction for the 1% rooms will be held till the 27th of September 2019, 23:59 o'clock (CET) 
 The auction for the 2% rooms will be held till the 4th of Oktober 2019, 23:59 o'clock (CET) 
 De 2% auction will be open a couple days longer, in case people want this as backup if the 1%
 room doesnt work out
 All profits will be to do fun stuff with by Stichting Eth0
 Participation is only open for people who are already in possession of a normal Eth0:winter:2016 ticket.
 The outcome of this auction is only applicable to the distribution of 1% and 2% rooms during Eth0:winter 2016.
 The amount of the bid is an upgrade relative to the normal ticket, payment must be made before the event.
 Every bid must be a multiple of 10 euro.
 Its allowed to bid the same as somebody else did, you'll be positioned UNDER the already existing bid(s)
 with the same amount.
 Every bid is binding and is not allowed to be removed (we have logs!)
 Use with every bid "~~~~"  (four tildes, no quotation marks) to state your name, date and time for this bid.
 Sort the bids yourself. Be fair. Cheating = bye.

1% Rooms

There are 7 rooms available in total.

Start bid: 125 euro

  1. 150 euro - Sebastius (talk) 22:26, 25 February 2019 (CET)

2% Rooms

Start bid: 100 euro

  1. 100 euro -