Inventoryday II

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Event Inventoryday II
Name Inventoryday II
Contact Aequitas
When Jan 13 1337 13:37:00
Information We've got loads of stuff and even two new containers with new goods. Time to inventorize and see who can use what. Leftovers will be fed to the garbage can / donated to whomever wants.

* Location: Alkmaar, Project 072

InvDayII is about a planned event. Not all details of this event are presented on this page, yet.




Inventory day II, possibly combined with a few other activities such as a BYOM BBQ and project determination day. On InvDayII you'll see what stuff the community has got in its storage. (we = everybody = community).

If its anything like InvDayI, it will be a day with massive colaborated spreadsheet editing, loads of stuff (from matresses to lackracks to toilet-accessories) and old school tunes, shouting and other insanity.

We're going to throw/give stuff away; we just got two containers filled with new stuff of which we don't really know what's in it. Maybe its useful for you or your project. So be there if you want to make sure the right things are kept.


We've got a lot of stuff, including two new containers loaded with new things we might or might not want to use.


Everybody who wants to help out. More infos to come on this subject. We're looking for at least 15 people; this will significantly make things easier.


The inventory day will take a whole day, starting near the end of the morning untill the evening. At least; that's what it did the first time.

Please enter the date/time you can join in the form below. xx-terminator-0-xx

But i'm allready a professional climber

This, again, has nothing to do with climbing. Why do you keep asking?

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