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eth0:2020 Autumn edition, October 23-25
The previous events were awesome,. Next up: eth0:2020 Autumn. We're going to time-travel this weekend by hacking daylight saving time to our advantage!
Eth0 timemachine.jpeg

About eth0

eth0 organizes conferences that aim at bringing people with different hacker-related interests together for an informative time and truckloads of fun. eth0 is a staple of the Dutch hacker community, organising low-cost events for well over 12 years now.

The eth0 community

The eth0 community keeps in touch via trips, holidays, birthdays and other events. Stay informed about eth0 events on our low-volume mailinglist. Subscribe You are invited to join and participate. Next up: Eth0:2021 Autumn (29 October 2021)