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About this service
Contact: MishMash
E-mail: {{{email}}}

Network design

It will be a nice star network with a single uplink. There will be plenty of switchports available so no fighting! Good news, There will be WIFI!! \o/

Original topology

A star topology has been chosen, since this creates a bit more robust field-to-core transport. Yes, a single core is a SPOF, but it's all we have. Below is the intended design:


Actual topology

The actual topology is a mix between a ring and a mesh network. Because of the huge amount of hardware we had the opportunity to create such a network. Below is the beautiful design:

Available network ranges

The available network ranges are picked out of the following IPv4 ranges: (

range purpose .. 100 DHCP .. 254 Servers

Network settings

gateway: dns:

Network facilities

The organisation will provide DHCP/DNS services, together with rate-limited and firewalled low-bandwith internet. IPv4 will be automatically provisioned if you let your machine do autoconfiguration. There will also be multiple file / gaming serves on the network, of which a list is provided below:

service ipaddr provided by details
Quake3 ETH1
Dopewars ETH1
Battlefield 2 ETH1
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory ETH1
Call Of Duty 4 ETH1


No hacking of other systems is allowed on this event. If you're caught you'll be subjected to the dutch laws and we'll be glad to hand you over to local authorities.

Network hardware

  • 7x Nortel Baystack 450 (24x 10/100mbit rj45, 1 MDA slot, 1 Cascade slot)
  • 7x 1000sx Gbic
  • Cisco 6509 Chassis / Redundant PSU
    • WS-X6416-GBIC (16x Gbic)
    • ws-X6K-SUP2-2GE (Supervisor 2x Gbic)
    • WS-X6348= (48x 10/100mbit rj45)


Wireless is available under the "eth0" ESSID, the wireless network is bridged to the campsite LAN, so you can follow the normal connection procedure.