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== DECT Directory ==
== DECT Directory ==
  PSY (779) [[user:Psy|Psy]]
  1. PSY (779) [[user:Psy|Psy]]
  GID (443) [[user:Gido-E|Gido-E]]
  2. GIDO (4436) [[user:Gido-E|Gido-E]]
  B00 (200) ?
  4. B00 (200) ?
== Hardware around ==
== Hardware around ==

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Team: Telecom
Name Team Telecom
Short Description Dect coverage and phone network
Contact {{{Contact}}}
Volunteers Wanted? ,|x|x"x" is not in the list (Much help needed, Some help needed, Not needed now) of allowed values for the "Summer 2010 Team Needs Volunteers" property.}}

Bring your own dect phone!

Telecom Page

Team telecom will provide :

  • Full dect coverage on the field
  • A way to connect your own dect compatible phone to the network
  • we MIGHT have Dect phones you can borrow, but no batterys yet. (bring your own batteries , AAA , AA , specs/more battery info will follow later)
  • Plan-de-campain is on kroei wiki:

Team Phone

Who can/will help:

* user:Boelens
* user:Psy
* user:Gido-E
* user:CyBaH

Registering your DECT handset

Unfortunately, you can not register your own handset to our basestation, but we are willing to give it a go for you if you visit us in the Idiopolis village.

Fixed lines on and around the terrain

ING (464) Entrance 
BAR (227) The bar :)
LEZ (539) Lecture hall 
X   (9)   Telecom guys

DECT Directory

1. PSY (779) Psy
2. GIDO (4436) Gido-E
4. B00 (200) ?

Hardware around

Siemems 150E PRO pbx

Shpro.jpg Cabinet.jpg


* CBMOD processorcard + CGM "Clock Module Generator"
* SLMO24 board S30810-Q2901-X for connection of 24 digital OPTISET/OPTIPOINT stations
* SLMO24 board S30810-Q2901-X for connection of 24 digital OPTISET/OPTIPOINT stations
* Cordless SLC16 CMI Card S30810-Q2922-X-0 for connection of 16 Base Stations Cordless V2.2
   SLC board
   With automatic signal delay correction
   UP0/E ports to the base station 16
   Line protocol               CorNet-TRadio
   Four B channels             Each with 32 Kbps voice transfer
   One D channel               16 Kbps signaling
   Line range to the base system Signal range approx. 2000, depending on cable type
* SLA16N Analog Suscriber Interface (S30810-Q2929-X100) ,16 circuits /analog stations
* SLA16N Analog Suscriber Interface (S30810-Q2929-X100) ,16 circuits /analog stations
* STMD 8 isdn connections S0

Siemens 3550 pbx


* 8 x digital lines
* 4 x analog lines
* 1 x HXGM IP card
* 1 x 2 ISDN trunk card

Other hardware

  • 8 SIEMENS dect base stations 2/2 DECT / GAP
SIEMENS BS2/2 (S30807-H5471-X200): Up to eight calls can be made simultaneously with a connection via two UP0/E ports on SLC16 board.
 DECT standard
 Number of channels 120 duplex channels, freely administered
 (10 carriers, each with 12 time-division multiplex channels)
  Frequency range    1.88 to 1.9 GHz (send and receive range)
  Channel spacing    1.728 MHz
  Bit rate           1.152 Mbps
  Speech encoding    32 kilobit ADPCM
  GAP standard       Specified in DECT specification 300444
  PN CAP             Siemens-specific protocol enhancement
  • patch rack Cisco
  • 2 x 50 port cat3 patch panels
  • 8 x cablu for 16 connections per cable
  • 12 x Siemens Hicom 150 E Optiset E Standard. isdn
  • 1 x Patch rack for mounting patch pannels
  • 26 x Philips Dect set. analog, isdn, propiertary stations SLAVE stations for base station connection.
  • 180 x Siemens Dect sets analog, isdn, propiertary or voip base stations?. \0/

Hardware needed

* HXGM2 card for Siemens Hicom PRO voip connections
* Expansion box for Siemens PRO for more slc16 boards to support more base stations
* Additional SLC16 cards for the PRO  for more base stations
* Battery packs for Siemens dect sets.
* Battery covers for Siemens dect sets.