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        <Will-Do> als iedereen (bijv) voor het einde van okt de opties uitzoekt vaar hij/zij naar toe zou willen (incl kosten etc) hebben we dan een duidelijk overzicht en kunnen we een goede keuze maken
         <diggie> Will-Do: klinkt als 'n plan
         <aequitas> Will-Do: ik denk dat we eerst de eisen moeten opstellen 
         <aequitas> max kosten en zo 
         <aequitas> als we die duidelijk hebben kunnen we precies zoeken wat ons past 
         <Will-Do> deal, ik heb page aangemaakt waar iedereen zijn verwachtingen op kan zetten
         <aequitas> yup, enkele eisen en iedereen +1en 
         <aequitas> lijkt me het makkelijkst 
         <aequitas> anders moeten we met tabellen gaan werken 
         <Will-Do> gewoon neerzetten "[naam] wil een echt bed" en dan volgende persoon [naam]+1
         <aequitas> Will-Do: sommige dingen, zoals echt bed, kunnen we we als [iedereen] doen 
         <aequitas> en dat mensen uitzondering mogen aangeven  

If you have a preference towards $something on the trip (like, "no more then $moneys" or "I want to have my own personal room"), please add this preference on the list and we're taking this list in account.


Expectations / Wishes

  • a chalet in the snow (that is, on the piste)
    • +1 aequitas (if the price is good)
  • wants a chalet next to or close to the piste(s)/gondola (freedom to go to the piste any time)
    • EVERYONE (mandatory)
  • a chalet on walking distance to the piste
    • +1 elanthia
  • No more than 500 euro's cost total (housing, eating, ski-passes, fuel)
    • +1 Will-Do
    • +1 aequitas
    • +1 momo
    • +1 elanthia
    • +1 thyrif
  • A real bed to sleep on
  • And I mean no bunk-beds either or sleeping in the living-room necessary
    • - (exception?)
    • -1 thyrif is fine with bunk beds
  • People who snore sleep in the same room(s), or will look for a room mate who doesn't care
    • +1 Will-Do
    • +1 Failbaitr
    • +1 aequitas (on roommate who doesn;t care)
    • +1 Elmer
    • +1 Elanthia
  • As a couple with ... I would like to sleep in one separate room (without bunk beds (stapelbed) of course :P)
    • +1 Will-Do
    • +1 Failbaitr
    • +1 aequitas
    • +1 momo
  • want the whole group to be in one apartment
    • ...
  • Doesn't give a rat's ass... just want to enjoy the snow (let's not fuss too much about costs, arrangements and location)
    • +1 FooBar
  • Own kitchen (in the apartment, as opposed to a hotel and catering)
    • Depends on the cost, but by assuming catering would be a lot more expensive: Will-Do
    • +1 Elanthia (we can also bring a lot of food ourselves, pasta etc.)
  • Regular changes of drivers during the trip (aka, every 3 4 hours or so a different driver. Changing doesn't have to take long, just hop out and hop in the other side).
    • Will-Do
    • Elanthia (can't drive much longer than 2 hours, I'm not a regular driver) - Same counts for me (=Will-Do)
    • <aequitas> wisselen is idd een voorwaarde, 2 uur is mij te kort maar 4 uur is een prima compromis, eigenaren van de autos gaan er mee akoord anders stellen ze hun auto niet beschikbaar en gaan we voor een busje kijken
    • thyrif can drive for about four hours straight, but hasn't driven in the mountains yet



by car

  • Lent some busses to travel to Adorra, build up wifi in the busses, have an awesome time. Costs: Too much
        <Elmer> ter indicatie.. een Ford Galaxy kost maandelijks meer dan vierduizend euro
        <Will-Do> jamaar wij willen hem 10 dagen
        <Will-Do> (vrijdag - maandag, zondag zijn ze dicht)
        <aequitas> enkele reis met europcar kost 750 euro 
        <aequitas> utrecht chambery (val thorens/frankrijk)
        <aequitas> en dat is maar met 300 km inclusief 
        <aequitas> dus komt nog ongeveer 600*0,25 bij 
        <aequitas> en brandstof
        <Elmer> Will-Do: dan kost die galaxy voor 10 dagen dus 1300 EURWill-Do

extra kilometers.. ten minste

        <aequitas> kunnen we stellen dat een busje huren geen optie is tenzij we echt in problemen komen met het aantal auto's
  • I want to leave at friday evening; after my work
    • + 1 Will-Do
    • + Failbaitr
    • + aetab
    • + Elmer
  • I want to leave at saturday morning; after a short night of sleep
    • + 1 Foobar
  • diggie: I have a small trailer (1.20m x 1m x 50cm). Might be very useful for lots of luggage, if someone has a towing bracket on their car (no ski's / snowboards however... E_WONTFIT)


Is this an option? In case of very large amounts of cargo/gear/etc. Maybe a smaller group of car-enthusiasts can drive some of the cargo-stuff there and pick ppl up from $airport? I =willdo looked into flying from Amsterdam to Toulouse (just, as an indication) and that around 220 euro's pp)

  • +1 Will-Do, but only if the chalets are really close to everything, otherwise there is a problem when we want to, ski, eat out, or such

by train


- My Guess is that this isn't cheaper or faster, Will-Do



5-11 march)

  • -> Hostel, rest a load of 2 people rooms... scales nicely, 220e pp for 7 nights, lots of availability, close to the lift.
    • The hotel can be found in the mountain village of Arinsal, 300 metres from the ski resort’s ski lift (Sector Arinsal) and only a short distance from the centre of Andorra la Vella and Caldea thermal leisure centre. The hotel is characterised by its friendly, comfortable family atmosphere. It has 52 rooms, all of which look onto the street and have a direct telephone line and satellite TV. The hotel also offers a reading room, restaurant and bar, garden area, heated outdoor pool, ski storage, inside garage (for a fee) and free outdoor car park.

France <-- aims at taking your money while giving you no service

  • Val Thorens
  • Avoriaz
  • Risoul (good for snowboarding, haz good funpark)
  • Saint François Longchamps (cheap as a motherfucker, good and diverse pistes)
  • Superdévoluy (cheap and spacious housing, but chalets may be a bit more expensive)
  • ..

Bookings at travel agencies have usually the advantage of cheaper included ski passes, so it could be useful to check:



I would like to go to Andorra

  • +1 Failbaitr
  • +1 Will-Do, or Austria
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