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Wintersport 2011 general page

   At this moment we have 4 choices (at least, as I see it):
    * a) an expensive vacation in Andorra between the 19th and the 26th 
    * b) A cheaper vacation in Andorra outside this week (and by this, I actually mean "after" this week)
    * c) A cheaper vacation in France in this week
    * d) divide the group over multiple houses, like 2 houses for 5 people each, or 3 houses for 3-4 people each
    * e) Lets go before February!
    * f) Book hotel- or 2/3 person rooms. There are still a lot available, even included breakfast. Pro: availability, affordable. Cons: no kitchen, no cosy group.

Name Option(s) Because
Failbaitr B, C or D failbatr doesn't care, but an expensive week in Andorra is unfortunate for all that money
Thyrif B or C thyrif can't go when the vacation is more expensive than 500 (so option A isn't an option for him)
Will-Do B, C or F Will-Do doens't have enough money for an expensive week in Andorra, so option B or C. Separate the group isn't as cosy as supposed to. Before February I can't go because of school. Íf the two-person-housing is indeed cheap enough and íf I can have a house with failbaitr, I would be okay with this ;)
Aetab A, C, D or E aetab and momo can go any week marked as OK on the wiki table. Much prefer cheap options, but if there is no other choice would consider less cheap. Would really like to travel with the entire group. But separate houses no problem.
Momo A, B, C or D See aetab
diggie (fwiw) B,C,D During krokusvakantie turned out to be a no-go for me. Later (3rd week of March?) would be great!
France slightly preferred (closer)
*Name* *A,B,C* *...*


Fits inside our demands


    • to 10 persons
    • Beds "Twins 3, Doubles 2"
    • Max 400 meter walking to the lift and "Located 150m from the gondola and the Coma Pedrosa Natural Park and right on the edge of a mountain stream with trout!"
    • Max price per week 1390 euro not available any more


Champagny en Vanoise (LA PLAGNE)  : Chalet Diamant / France - Northern French Alps - Champagny en Vanoise (LA PLAGNE)

    • To 10 personen
    • 500 m from the slopes
    • £ 913.42 =~ 1080 EURO (from 19-26 feb)
    • Bedroom 1 : 1 double bed(s) ; 2 bunk bed(s) ; Bedroom 2 : 1 double bed(s) ; Bedroom 3 : 4 single bed(s) ;


Less useful, but worth looking into if everthing else fails


    2 Twin Bedrooms
    1 Bathroom
    2 Sofabeds
    • 1300 euro in total
    • Looks like a max of 5 people, and sofa-beds, so didn't looked into this that much

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