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Eth0:2020 Autumn

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Event Eth0:2020 Autumn
Name Eth0:2020 Autumn
Duration 2020/10/23 - 2020/10/25
Information A brand new Autumn event!

* Location: Your home!
* Open from: 18:00:00
* Ticket price: 00.00
* Sign-up page:

Timetravel poster.jpeg

Yes! Let's keep doing this. We are ready to organize this again, but we wouldn't be able to do it without you! Would you like to join the organization? Send an email to bestuur[@] including who you are and what your skills are.

Eth0 is a high-tech geek conference. It aims toward sharing knowledge on technology/IT related fields including security, networks, programming, privacy, new (open) technologies, ethics and hacking. There are talks on these subjects, and we'll have a fully equipped lounge (with bar) and an overload of hackerspace activity. Maybe someone brings along lasers and there is room to party.

Location is our temporary lounge :)

Basic info

So, basically, we'll be gathering again at the awesome location we visited the last few years. No, actually we will stay at HOME. There will be talks, workshops, awesome maker machines and the best of all, we will meet all our friends and fellow hackers ONLINE.

The event starts on Friday 6pm, and will be open until Sunday around 6pm. There will be plenty of hacking and talking time. Obviously as we would love to get all your projects. We have plenty of space available for you to display your projects, on and off-stage.


Please prepare your eth0:2020 wristband and show it on camera to enter the event.


Please get yourself a sizable stash of suitable drinks. We will have a Revbank instance available through SSH for donations.


We’re doing our traditional cooking Saturday night live on stream, so get the ingredients (below) and join in! Minimal cooking skills required. This time the spiciness of the dish is entirely up to you ;). Don’t forget to volunteer for doing the dishes afterwards, the more people help, the quicker it’s done! If you don’t like the dinner provided, you can always get takeout. Just like regular eth0!


No tickets needed. Link will appear magically!

  • Everybody is a volunteer, we're building the festival together. Making gezelligheid is also a useful thing to add. =D

Talks, workshops and projects

Find the Program here

Talk proposals can be added to the page above. If you have any questions, contact us on IRC or mail: bestuur [ape-tale] eth0 [dot] nl.


We're building this festival together. Take a look at the volunteering page if you want to help out with something specific.


This year we're hoping to find a few sponsors for the event to keep it affordable for all visitors. Would you or your company like to help out? Please be in touch with, and we'll send you our sponsor menu!

To-pack list

  • Sleeping bag + pillow + fitted sheet
  • Something that helps get you clean in the showers (don't forget slippers or other footwear)
  • Towel
  • Clean clothes to last the weekend
  • Power strip
  • Earplugs/sleeping mask if you need them

Everything else is up to you. :)

Dinner saturday

A dinner is planned for saturday.


Please get/buy all listed ingredients for dinner saturday-evening, but leave out/replace ingredients you do not like:

Should feed 2 or 3 hackers, so share with your household and/or scale to size:

  • 200 gr Red Lentils (Rode linzen)
  • 1 onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic (teentjes knoflook)
  • 1 small piece of ginger (gember)
  • Coconut milk (small can, 270ml)
  • Tomato cubes (can)
  • Coconut flakes
  • Rice (Basmati or whole grain)
  • Small bag of washed spinach
  • Optional: Naan bread (really unnecessary but delicious)
  • Cumin seeds or powder (komijnzaad)
  • Turmeric (Kurkuma)
  • Cayennepeper
  • Salt
  • Any cooking oil (olive oil or otherwise)

Also get enough Tosti gear for the fonduere: bread, ham, cheese, butter. Ketchup optional. If you're feeling fancy: ananas.

External nomz


Sleeping accommodation

Shared rooms

You can share your room with someone from your household.

Please bring your own sleeping bag, fitted sheet and pillow!


Yes you may pitch your tent if you have a garden. No special facilities though, BYO cables, stuff and gizmos for surviving autumn.