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Eth0:2021 Autumn

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Event Eth0:2021 Autumn
Name Eth0:2021 Autumn
Duration 2021/10/29 - 2021/10/31
Information A brand new Autumn event!

* Location: Beusink, Lievelde
* Open from: 18:00:00
* Ticket price:
* Sign-up page:


Rules are non-negotiable. You can cancel your ticket before October 3 without fees or questions asked by emailing.

Entry to the event

  • please have your CoronaCheck app or European QR code ready together with your official ID (no lichtbildausweis, we're hackers too ;) )
  • outside at the benches you'll perform a self-test and wait 15 minutes. If the test is positive for Covid, you'll be denied entry and you'll be refunded.
  • If everything checks out: you're very welcome to enter eth0!

During the event

  • On saturday afternoon we'll all take ANOTHER self-test.
  • Wash hands regularly (which you should do anyway)
  • A face-mask (covering both nose and mouth) must be worn at all times (except sleeping, taking a sip, and eating)
  • Some distance must be kept unless both parties consent to be closer together
  • Windows and ventilation will be kept open/on most of the time for extra fresh air. Bring a GOOD hoodie and an extra blanket.


  • We highly recommend you eat outside. Especially if you also want to talk with others during the meal. If eating inside, keep extra distance and conversation to a minimum.
  • If you feel a need to come close to people: please ASK first. Consent is key. Most people aren't used to being close to other humans anymore.
  • If you for some reason don't feel safe: get out of Dodge. Go outside and if you need help: ask for it.

Talks, workshops and projects


Talk proposals can be add to the page above. If you have any questions, contact us on irc or mail: bestuur [ape-tale] eth0 [dot] nl.


We're building te festival together. Take a look at the volunteering page if you want to help out with something specific.

Packing list

  • Facemasks (bring a bunch)
  • Self-tests (at least two, but you can also help others who forget)
  • Fitted sheet + Sleeping bag + Pillow (unless you bought the blanket pack at )
  • Basic personal hygene stuff (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap)
  • Towel(s)
  • Extension cord
  • Laptop + charger
  • Projects

Food and drinks

Reminder: please eat outside if at all possible and keep distance while you're eating.

Snacks & Drinks

At the event we'll be selling Mate (several flavours like Club Mate, Granat and Flora) and a multitude of soda's. Several snacks will also appear. All will be dealt with through self-service and paid through revbank. Please be helpful and restock the fridge if drinks run low. Tea and coffee will be available as well.


As usual we're going to sell our favorite snack, the Tosti. A build-it-yourself treat with bread, (butter), cheese and (ham). Payment through revbank. You can find the Fonduere here: .



We'll buy some bread and some basic stuff to put on it for breakfast. Imagine cheap hostel food. If you want more/better, rise to the occasion and get enough for everyone. If you can bring eggs, maybe someone else will bring bacon ;)

We have regular bread and gluten-free bread. We ordered some basic stuff to put on there. Please check packaging for allergenes.

Dinner 1

Add-ons (separate): Cucumber, roasted Almond slices, spinach (raw)

Dinner 2

Add-ons (separate): Sour Cream, Tortilla Chips (corn), Cheese

Food delivery and restaurants

Note that restaurants listed below are not reviewed or checked. Order at your own peril.

Special Diets

If you need something special for food, please reach out well before the event. We would also like you to help out prepping it. We're happy to help, but we're also cooking for 69 other visitors.

How do I get there?


  • Beusink recreatie
  • Lievelderweg 106
  • 7137 MC Lievelde
  • Netherlands
  • lat: 52.006251
  • long: 6.590732

Go here:

By Train

  • Travel to the train station "Lichtenvoorde-Groenlo", most will need to pass Station Arnhem and Zutphen
  • Cross the tracks into Lievelde.
  • Keep walking (approx 500m) till the end of the village, where you will find "Beusink recreatie" on your left.

Search for cheap tickets online! you like to know more?

By car

Use satellite navigation (no surprises there) or plan your route using the various online tools available.

Wanna carpool?

Where do I park

There's plenty of space around the building, most of it private road, parking places or concrete, so there should be no need for 4x4's this year.

Sleeping accommodation

Shared rooms

The shared rooms are bunk bed style, with around 6 to 8 beds per room. This edition we will set a hard limit of 4 people per room. There's plenty of hot showers and clean toilets (male / female) around the building.

Please bring your own sleeping bag, fitted sheet and pillow!


Yes you may pitch your tent near the building. No special facilities though, BYO cables, stuff and gizmos for surviving autumn.

1% rooms

The 1% rooms have a private shower, 2 beds and can be locked at night for you know, extra time with your loved ones. They are all sold out!

2% rooms

Because of the demand for private rooms, we have a few extra bunk bed style rooms which you don't have to share (but you can if you want!). The 2% rooms don't have a private shower and toilet. They are all sold out!


This edition of eth0 was made possible with the gracious sponsorship from three befriended companies:

Freedom.png Procolix.png


Freedom Internet Procolix Guardian360