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Eth0:2010 Winter

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[POST-EVENT] This is information about the Eth0:2010 Winter Edition. [POST-EVENT]
Event eth0:2010 Winter
Name eth0:2010 Winter
Duration 2010/01/16 - 2010/01/17
Information Winter edition!

* Location: Wieringerwerf, Noorderdijkweg 23, 1771 MJ
* Open from: Saturday, 10:00
* Ticket price: € 35,- including meals
* Sign-up page:

Other pages regarding this event can be found at Category:Eth0:2010 Winter.

Poster for this event
Winter Edition Logo
There are a few very limited gold tickets, that are not fake. You are awarded a comfy golden seat on entrance, so your royal hiney can relax in style.

2010 Pictures

More Photos!

2010 Lecture video's

The eth0:2010 Winter Edition has been held from January 16 to January 17 2010 at 't Boshuis in Wieringerwerf. The event lasted two days and was filled with high-tech stuff, lectures, socializing, fun and good food. This is the 3rd time this event has taken place.

If you want to visit, tickets are available. <--- Sold Out ! The 2010 Winter Edition has passed, maybe look at Eth0_2010 ?

  • Lost and found
    • Have you lost anything, or happened to notice that a certain item in your bag wasn't yours? Please add it to the Lost and found-page :)

This is a mostly self-organizing event. If you want to add something, have cool stories to share or just want to participate in some other way; you're invited to do so! You can contact us at almost any time on IRC. Lets do some cool stuff!

Here are some pictures from the 2009 Winter Event:


  • Lectures (to increase your knowledges)
  • Socializing (with real live humans!)
  • Fast computer network (omg, movies in 10 seconds!)
  • Vintage stuff to toy with
  • TinyVGA workshop where you will solder on your own VGA signal generator (plz sign up)

Pancake Challenge 2010

Saturday night we will have the PancakeChallenge2010 !


= Saturday

   * 10:30 - Doors open.
   * 12:00 - Welcome by Jan Klopper
   * 13:00 - Aczid - DVB
   * 14:00 - Brenno de Winter - WOB workshop
   * 15:00 - Brenno de Winter - Security
   * 16:00 - Ot van Daalen - Bits of Freedom
   * 17:00 - Het Nieuwe Rijk - Opslag biometrische gegevens
   * 18:30 - Dinner
   * 20:00 - Attilla - AMS-IX
   * 21:00 - GMC - Workshop hardware / soldering


   * 12:00 Annie Machon - Get out of bed, get to work
   * 13:30 Arjen Kamphuis - Goud
   * 14:30 Bertjan De Looff - Excel Engine
   * 15:30 Vision - Gridcomputing Security 
   * 16:30 Elmer - workshop python


Recordings in Ogg-Theora video (html5 video-tag compatible, works in firefox 3.5+, opera 10.5+) are hosted on (just like the video's from last year, which were in x264)

Raw HDV caps are stored on zandbak (only available from the local network)


If you want to help out, just talk to the team members and add your name.

Teams categories and their members


Program Committee



  • KingOfDos
  • Stoney3K (if logistics allows, I will have a 0,5W full colour laser for your viewing pleasure!)



Fun 'n' Games


  • Mischa aait layer 1 :)
  • Aldert


Nog geen FLAUW idee maar ik doe wel mee

  • pluisje Zelfde als op HAR ws, overal rondrennen en helpen waar nodig meisjes likken :)
  • Boelens Weet nog niet zie wel.
  • BuZz prolly lekker met KingofDos meenerden, maar zie wel epibreren!
  • Stitch Owjah, hij kan ook nog praattuuhhh. En vast wel andere nuttige dingen.
  • Aequitas Ontbijtservice
  • Loup Wil mee helpen, geef mij iets te doen, ook voor de evenement
  • Fugu Oh yes, ik arriveer de 15e ergens in de middag na mn examen

I'm there! YES!

It will be possible to sign yourself up for the winter edition soon... at the main site If you are a member of this wiki, then add yourself to the list :)

Just 80 tickets available ---> sold out!

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