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[POST-EVENT] This is information about the Eth0:2008 Summer Edition. [POST-EVENT]

On Thursday evening, in between the end of the BBQ and the start of the end party, we will host four two different game competitions. The winner of each competition wins a large Tux plushie! The games you can participate in are:

Tux Racer

Slide Tux down a hill as fast as possible while collecting as many fish as you can. The winner is the person who manages to collect the most fish, or in case of more than one person collecting the maximum number of fish on the track, the person with the fastest time. Cancelled.

[Title TBA]

A new game in which you have to collect fish falling down from the sky, while avoiding harmful chunks of ice. This is being coded especially for this event by a couple of eth0 visitors and crew as we speak. The winner is the person who collects the most fish before losing all their lives.

Against all expectations we did get our game finished, well working.. in time! So we played it during the competition. The geek with the most gaming skills was Vexocide, with 290 points and all of his 5 lifes.

We would appreciate it if you would be kind to our bugs, we will get them a new home and out of the game in time ;)

The game:

Score van TuxGame, op de wiki


310 / 5 Jailbait

Guitar Hero

Details TBA. Cancelled.


Details TBA.


Since the time in between the BBQ and party will most likely be too short to host four different competitions, we have decided to drop two of them.