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Eth0:2008 Summer/Event:Lazer Tag Arena

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[POST-EVENT] This is information about the Eth0:2008 Summer Edition. [POST-EVENT]

During eth0, Stoney3K will be present as part of the OpenLaserFrag team. If the weather permits, games of Lazer Tag will be organised, including free-for-all, team games, and possibly some more complicated games.

The Gear

See Greg's Lazer Tag Page

The gear that is being used is from Lazer Tag: Team Ops, one of the most versatile commercially-developed systems. Three types of weapons (taggers) are available: The Deluxe (4), the Drone (2) and the Tag Master Blaster (3).

For the Tag Master Blasters, 3 carrying slings are provided, and one scoped sight and one red dot sight are available.

The Game Types

See Game Types

  • LTAG
    • This is the most basic form of Lazer Tag game and is the easiest to learn and to get started with. Just press the trigger twice, and you're in for some free-for-all target practice.
    • Similar to LTAG, but with scoring, with or without teams. 2TMS is the most interesting of the set, allowing 2 teams, a custom game length and friendly fire on or off.
    • Hide and Seek mode: You can only tag the opposing team when you're Seeking them, and can only take damage when Hiding. This game is very fun to play for shorter sessions, especially in wooded areas, and is easy to learn. Bottom line, when the tagger says 'SEEK', go and find, and when the tagger says 'HIDE', run for your lives! Sides will change every 60 seconds, so expect a lot of running back and forth!
    • HUNT mode is similar, but with three teams, so you will have to seek one team and hide from another team at the same time.
  • 2KNGS/3KNGS*
    • Protect/Escort the VIP ("King") mode. The objective is to take out the other teams King while protecting your own. A lot of interesting variations on this game type are possible (Base Assault, Run The Gauntlet), more on this later.
    • Own the Zone, which means accumulate as much time as you can on a fixed point on the map. Battlefield players will recognize this style of gameplay, also known as "hold the flag". Once you are hit a certain number of times, you are neutralized and need to get away from the control point (zone) immediately to avoid taking damage, and you need to retake the zone from your opponent(s).
    • 2TOZ and 3TOZ are the most interesting game types here, since they allow you to defend/capture the zone in teams. With some modification, multiple zone points are possible but they will be scored together.
    • Respawn game, meaning that if you are tagged a number of times and are neutralized, you are to return to the respawn point on the map. The gameplay is very similar to plain Deathmatch in first-person shooter games.
    • 2TRS and 3TRS are similar, but with 2 or 3 teams of players.
    • Basically Last Man Standing (SURVival). Score as much hits on your opponents while being the last person alive.
    • Again, 2SRV and 3SRV are similar, but being Last Team Standing scoring as well.

The gear also features all-versus-one ("Tag Master") games, but these are currently on my TODO list. See the web page at the top of this section.

Event Date & place

TBA, but some day/location on eth0, depending on weather. Any informal games are allowed on request.

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