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Event pluisje's 34rd birthday
Name pluisje's 34rd birthday
Contact pluisje
Duration 2017/07/30 - 2017/07/30
Information BBQ!!!!11

* Location: Alphen ad Rijn
* Open from: 16:00:00


July 30th I turn 34, which is an excellent excuse for a BBQ.


Alphen aan den Rijn, feel free to poke me if you don't know the address.


Sunday July 30th 2017


Sure, just bring some equipment :) Do keep in mind the spawn can be a bit noisy at night though, so bring earplugs or enough booze if required.


  • BBQ
  • Slacking
  • Licking

What to bring?

Yourself, mostly. Don't really need presents, but something nice to eat, drink or lick is always welcome.