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Eth0:2008 Summer/Tents

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[POST-EVENT] This is information about the Eth0:2008 Summer Edition. [POST-EVENT]

Tent Pool

As the final date approaches quickly, it seemed a good idea to open a pool to see who is staying in what tent. And more importantly, if there is any space left for more.

Please be so kind to put the following information on this page:

  • What kind of tent
  • How big
  • How many people can fit in it
  • Who are staying in it

Also, put your name below if you don't have a place to stay yet, maybe we can all chip in and rent another tent.

The homeless people

The tents

  • Homefree (everyone is free to join, we will be near the media village)
    • Basically _no_ tent, but just a concatenation of different 'party tents' with ducttape.
    • By design: No rental costs, low per-person prices and infinite room for ppl
    • buZz
    • dreamer
    • FooBar
    • Stoney3K
    • Joost (alleen donderdag en vrijdag)
    • Jeroen (ik ben er maar tot donderdag)
    • loupgaroublond
    • Psy0rz Sitting overhere now! :D

Renting a tent

Otherwise cewl army stores