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Eth0:2010 Summer Feedback

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Please leave your feedback on the summer 2010 event. This is not a discussion page; add your feedback in the way you've experienced it. We'll use this in order to enhance the next event. Look at the Group the positives and negatives

Feedback by Stitch

Everything was amazing.

  • + Great event
  • + Laughed my ass off
  • + Met great people
  • + Clean showers and toilets, no waiting
  • + Broodje aetab in the morning

  • - No clip-on-wireless microphone during presentations; speakers couldn't walk around
    • - I used on of those during the opening speech [User:Failbaitr|Failbaitr]
    • - Yeah, we had those, and used them for most of the talks FooBar
      • - not for mine, and it felt really uncomfortable having to stand still Stitch
  • - No on-terrain catering, i mean dinners

Feedback by loup

  • +Like always, great event
  • + Sitting around in the rain is fun
  • + Broodje aetab++
  • +Just the right amount of space on the terrain
  • + Network (electric and data) worked great, nice to have decent inet access compared to two years ago too!
  • + Lack of rules on how loud to be (compared to music out at 4am at HAR)
  • + The radio station setup was, once again, really professional
  • + Really friendly and cheerful staff, you guys make it look easy to do
  • - Restrictions on electrical usage, next time i'm bringing an illegal watercooker
    • Wouldn't that only cause moar restrictions? Moem
  • - Lack of decent food options, i volunteer to organize cooking for the next event
  • - Local pizza/shoarma tent is horrible, i volunteer to organise that we nuke it from orbit
  • - Lack of other negative things to say (i guess i must be foreign, i'm having trouble complaining)
  • - Moar cowbell!

Feedback by DrWhax

  • +Awesome event
  • +Talking to great people from all over the world++
  • +Rain had something cousy :)
  • +Interwebz+electricty was good.
  • +Radio was +++++
  • +Our own bbq's were++
  • -After 2/3 days the toilets were a bit smelly ;<

Feedback by Juerd

  • +I had a great time as a visitor
  • +Good to see safety precautions implemented thoroughly
  • +Great decorations, wonderful lounge
  • +I don't like plastic coins, but I liked that they were small!
  • +Power and network worked great
  • +Surprisingly clean toilets outdoors
  • -Dirty toilets indoors
  • -Unavoidable security cameras made me feel a little uncomfortable
  • -Although we had great bbqs, I'd have preferred some effortless food options
  • -Horrible audience chairs kept me from visiting lectures
  • -As a speaker, I had expected there to be water, a big or nearby clock, and a pre-talk reminder
  • -No clip-on microphone was offered to me; I would have preferred to use one
  • -Lightning talks should be done during prime time, and not every day at a lousy time

Feedback by ????

  • +

  • -