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Eth0:2011 Winter Feedback

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Please leave your feedback on the eth0:2011 Winter event. This is not a discussion page; add your feedback in the way you've experienced it. We'll use this to enhance the next event.

Feedback by Stitch

  • + Enjoyed the event, all the people and everything that happened :)
  • + Musics, i'm still playing B-Complex :)
  • - Had to do so much stuff i've missed out on some lectures and things i wanted to see.
  • - Toilets weren't neatly clean on the last day :(
  • - Kitchentools made insane noise sometimes

Feedback by diggie

  • + Had a great time with loads of fun and good and solid workshops/activity in both labs
  • + HackDonalds was great and well executed (kudos to Smokkelaar!)
  • - Did way too much driving around the country for this event
  • - Lost loads of sleep ;)

Feedback by ????

  • +

  • -