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Eth0:2015 Winter

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Event Eth0:2015 Winter
Name Eth0:2015 Winter
Duration 2015/02/20 - 2015/02/22
Information Another classy Winter event

* Location: Lievelde
* Open from: 18:00:00
* Ticket price: 45 euro
* Sign-up page:

Yes! Let's keep doing this. We are ready to organise this again, but we wouldn't be able to do it without you! Would you like to join the organisation? Send an email to bestuur[@] including who you are and what your skills are.

Eth0 is a high-tech geek conference. It aims toward sharing knowledge on technology/IT related fields including security, networks, programming, privacy, new (open) technologies, ethics and hacking. At daylight there are talks on these subjects, but when the sun goes down its definitely time to pick up the slack. There will be enough to do, as we have a bonfire, a fully equipped lounge (with bar) and an overload of hackerspace activity. Maybe someone brings along lasers and there is room to party. Enough reason to pick up the slack and go to eth0:2015 Winter?

Basic info

So, basically, we'l be gathering again at the awesome location we visited the last few years. There will be talks, workshops, awesome maker machines and the best of all we will meet all our friends and fellow hackers.

The event started on Friday 6pm, and ran until the Sunday around 6pm. There was be plenty of hacking and talking time. Obviously as we would love to get all your projects, we have plenty of space available for you to display your projects, on and off-stage.


Buy your tickets here

How do I get there?


  • Beusink recreatie
  • Lievelderweg 106
  • 7137 MC Lievelde
  • Netherlands
  • lat: 52.006251
  • long: 6.590732

Go here:

By Train

  • Travel to the train station "Lichtenvoorde-Groenlo", most will need to pass Station Arnhem and Zutphen
  • Cross the tracks into Lievelde.
  • Keep walking (approx 500m) till the end of the village, where you will find "Beusink recreatie" on your left.

Cheap tickets! Would you like to know more?

By car

Use satellite navigation (no surprises there) or plan your route using the various online tools available.

Wanna carpool ?

Where do I park

There's plenty of space around the building, most of it private road, parking places or concrete, so there should be no need for 4x4's this year.


All rooms have heating in the floors, are newly built, and should be plenty cosy for everyone.

You need to bring your own sleeping bag / pillow (also, we don't have enough toothbrushes for everyone).

Lunch and dinner will be provided*. Please inform us if you have any dietary requirements.

  • Dinner on Friday & Saturday, breakfast on Saturday & Sunday and Lunch on Saturday, drinks are not included

External Nomz

Reyna eetcafe, shoarma, pizzeria, grillroom

Dijkstraat 23

7131 DM Lichtenvoorde

0544 373747



Sleeping accommodation

Shared rooms

The shared rooms are bunk bed style, with around 6 to 8 beds per room. There's plenty of hot showers and clean toilets (male / female) around the building.

1% rooms

The 1% rooms have a private shower, 2 beds and can be locked at night for you know, extra time with your loved ones.

2% rooms

Because of the demand for private rooms, we have a few extra bunk bed style rooms which you don't have to share. The 2% rooms don't have a private shower and toilet.

Talks, workshops and projects

Normal & kids program

Talk proposals can be sent to

Video recordings of the talks

Most of the talks will be recorded on video for later viewing... these can be found on:

Practical lists