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Welcome to the marketplace. You can put stuff here you wish to trade/sell. It's also a place to put items you wish to give away (OS/Vendor CD's, promotional items, etc.).

Don't bring any stuff that isn't claimed, wanted, or that you don't wish to bring back. This is not a hardware dump, the government has fine places for you to get rid of stuff you want to throw away anyway.

Specify what item you wish to sell/trade and what you would like in return.



Available item(s) Would like in return Trader Claimer
Atari ST with monitor 1GB SD card buZz
Sun 17" 13W3 monitor (ja zo 1) 1GB SD card buZz
Stack of MSX stuff (at least 2 systems + other stuff, no idea atm) 1GB SD card (i really want a lot of these) buZz
Atari ST 520 with diskette bay and stuff gadgets++ tehmaze
SGI Indy 2GB/4GB CF card dion_b



Available item(s) Available from


Available item(s) Available from


Commercial auctions/activities are to be discussed with the eth-0 organization and will not be tolerated without prior agreement.