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[POST-EVENT] This page contains information about Eth0@Har2009

Because not everyone is to be trusted with your data at har we suggest getting an extra harddisk for your laptop / computer and use a new fresh install of your favorite OS. Since you might want to take your original disk including your sensive data with you we'll try and offer some sort of save place to store your small items (1 hdd / usb stick etc)

This space is limimted, so please let us know what you'd like to store.

Who / what?

  • Failbaitr / 1x 2.5" hdd
  • will-do / 1x 2.5" hdd
  • zarya / 1x 2.5" hdd
  • aequitas / 1x 2.5" hdd

Extra safe

If needed i can try to provide an extra safe, with enough space for ~100 TB's of disk storage (assumed it will be 1TB disks which are stored), transport will have to be arranged, it _is_ heavy - Aequitas safe is in use and not available :(

Fugu Kan 1 meenemen, niet bijzonder groot, van staal, kan verankerd worden.