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About this service
Contact: Chakotay

In the (hopefully nearby) future, you will be able to find more information on the servers we will have at ETH0. In the meantime feel free to contact Chakotay when you have any questions.

Main infrastructure

The following infrastructure will be provided by the organisation:

  • DNS / DHCP
  • OpenVPN (For wireless clients)
  • FTP/NFS/HTTP/SMB providing the most important software mirrors and updates
  • IRC services
  • Shell server
  • Streaming Audio/Video servers
  • Game servers
  • Phone services

Network design

There will be a flat network with a single uplink. Nothing is known yet about the availability of public ip space. Depending on the availability of the hardware, the topology will either be ring or star based. In both situations, multiple distribution switches will be available on the fields.

Getting uplink

When you've setup all your gear, lay a cable to one of the distribution points. Noc engineers will periodically scan all the distribution points to connect all the cable's there. Under no circumstances it's permitted that you connect your own cable yourself!

IDPS monitoring

To prevent abuse of the network and it's uplink, several IDS sensors will be placed on the network, together with IPS software. These sensors will detect and respond to the following scenario's:

Malware distribution

If your system is malware infected or is active part of a botnet, your switchport will be configured to be part of the quarantine network. In this network, the only connectivity you'll have is with the FTP server provided with the organisation. You will notice you are in this vlan by checking your webbrowser. If it displays the quarantine page, follow the onscreen instructions or contact noc@


No hacking of other systems is allowed on this event. If you're caught you'll be subjected to the dutch laws and we'll be glad to hand you over to local authorities. If you're still unwise enough to hack other systems, please be aware that we have prepared a special vlan, just for you kiddies :)

Ad-Hoc services

Furthermore, visitors of the event will probably bring their own servers. Below you can specify your group and the services you will be providing:

group: mononoke
service: guerilla ftp, irc karaoke