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TinyVGA Workshop

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[POST-EVENT] This is information about the Eth0:2010 Winter Edition. [POST-EVENT]


The TinyVGA project by Arjan Scherpenisse is an attempt to decipher the way VGA is used to generate images on computer monitors. The result is the TinyVGA board, which is easy to make and can be plugged in to almost any VGA monitor or projector to generate a 32x20 pixel image with just a handful of components, a 2cm x 3cm pcb and a 9 volts battery.

You don't have to posess any knowledge about electronics or have soldering skills. All the basics will be explained, and you will learn how to use a soldering iron without burning yourself, your friends or your electronics.


A small additional cost will be involved for the parts and the PCB: for EUR 15,- you will be able to build and take home your own signal generator. Tools and parts will be provided, so all you will have to bring are the 15 euros, your hands and a small part of your brain. Oh, and you might want to prepare a 32 x 20 pixel monochrome image !


To be able to bring the right amount of parts and tools, please indicate your interest in this workshop by putting down your name below:

  • Your name
  • DrWhax
  • FooBar
  • Failbaitr (hell yeah, if i have the time, count me in anyway)
  • Fish
  • webmind
  • VeXocide
  • Rd
  • mrngm - daarna leuk mee spelen @ uni
  • Dalus