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Event Wintersport 2011
Name Wintersport 2011

When 2011/?/?warning.pngThe date "2011/?/?" was not understood.
Information Wintersport in Andorra
Chef Syb
Andorra: please dial in at your nearest Stargate
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Snowflakes will be dropping down in Andorra next year, and it would be a waste not to there to enjoy it.

So who will be coming along? Please fill in your name if your interested to come.

For the previous events look here Wintersport & Wintersport10.

There will probably be a indoor ski/snowboard event before the end of this year, to practice or learn the first steps (we got great ski and snowboard teachers: Ariel, Rudolf)


Wintersport can be expensive if you want to. But we managed to go all-in (transport, apartment, good food, ski-passes) for less then € 500,- per person. For one week of wintersport.

To get some idea (and for comparing options)... What we spent last time:

  • Fuel (nothing, snow sponsored it, but we filled up the tanks about 10 times in total
  • Tolls (about 50 per car)
  • Accomodation: ?
  • Ski Passes: ~140 pp
  • Ski rent: ?
  • Food: ?



  • Andorra
    • Although Andorra is the most awesomest place ever, it can be useful to explore the other options..
  • France
    • The Avoriaz area is also cool, it has a big ski area (portes du soleil) with a lot of snowparks, got cheap housings, apres-ski possibilities and is nearby (about 8-9 hour drive)
    • <james> La Tania has a mini-pass which includes a telecabine for EUR15/day - and a decent ski area -
    • <james> the telecabine is about 50 metres from the building - downhill on snow :-)
  • Austria
    • Oostenrijk..
      • Solden, big resort absolute fun for experts and beginners. (Not as far away from NL as Andorra, less fuel costs :) )

Look at this page for all the different wishes and housing options


  • Aequitas - prius, 4 people (incl me), no fuel costs
  • Elanthia - Opel Corsa, 4 people (incl me), with fuel costs unfortunately :)
  • Will-Do - Is planning on asking to lent the car of her parents. Renault Megane Scenic, 5 people excl ski-stuff, incl me. With fuel costs -> Onder voorbehoud dus

Mission Statement

Attach glyphs to the Stargate in Arcalis



  • Please fill in which weeks suit best for you
  • The dates are not fixed, but its just an indication of which weeks
  • If you have comments please place then below the table
  • don't forget to click save



  • * diggie alles noch unter Vorbehalt, jaah!
  • 3-9 januari is altijd de goedkoopste week van het seizoen
  • december is heel sneeuwonzeker in de alpen, dan is het handig er een last minute iets van te maken
  • de officiële voorjaarsvakantie is van 19 feb 2011 t/m 27 feb 2011 (landelijk)
  • el cheapo wintersport
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