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Event wintersport2018
Name wintersport2018
Contact Jack Frost
Duration 2018/02/17 - 2018/03/31
Information Skiiiiiiiing!!!


Things to keep in mind

  • Sinterklaas: 5th of Dec, will probably celebrated the weekend of 2/3 dec 2018 or 9/10 of dec
  • Holiday around Christmas in NL: 23rd of dec 2017 - 7th of jan 2018
  • Fosdem: 2-4th of Feb 2018
  • Valentines: 14th of Feb 2018
  • Holiday around Feb:
    • South of NL: 17-24th of Februari 2018
    • North and Middle of NL: 24th-3rd or Februari 2018

> So for around February the 17th-24th of Feb or 24th of Feb - 3rd of March looks the best

Restrictions per person

  • Foobar: Can't go between 1st and the 14th of february, during fosdem, or 16-22 march.
  • Will-Do: Can't go in december, during Fosdem and in April,



Skiing area

  1. Andorra
    1. People are favourable to going back to andorra, for the slightly cheaper but good pistes/accomodation
  2. Austria
    1. Arlberg/St Anton/Lech
    2. Solden
  3. France

Bedrooms / beds

Skibus stops near the house

[x] bedrooms, [x] double beds = [x] actual beds

+ [x] couches in livingroom

Who's joining

We have booked a 6 person appartment at "La Solana Apartaments & Spa" in Encamp Andorra for the week of 3 to 10 march. It's at a hotel, where it's (currently) still easy to get more 2, 4 or 6 person appartments/rooms. So, if people want to join, we can add rooms in batches. The price was about €240 per person for the week. This booking can be cancelled upto the start of February 2018.... so if we find something better, we can cancel without cost/issues.

We have booked a hotel/house in Andorra for the following 6 people...

  1. Will-Do
  2. Failbaitr
  3. FooBar
  4. Attilla
  5. Wolviech
  6. Brainsmoke

Anyone else wishing to join needs to book their own accomocation, preferable in the same venue ;)

Who's Maybe joining

  1. You?


Over the last years the complete holiday costs around 1000e-1200e pp, incl house, food for the week, skipass and travels. If you eat out (for example during lunch on the piste, or dinners) and if you want te rent gear, it will cost more, but you can do it frugal and stay within the 1000e.

  • travel = fuel x km's (Austria about 900 km one-way, so ~2000km total including some local driving), guess about 250-300,- per car in fuel. Probably about 50 per car in tolls etc. (Though this might not be needed, depending on location.)
  • Food and drinks €100-150 per person/week. We're normally cooking dinner together and eating out once this week, if we're doing fancy it can easily be made more expensive. Lunch can taken from the home, or be bought on the piste.
  • skipass a €269 (6 days) source 2017:
  • On piste-food: between 10 and 20,- per day is to be expected but you can also bring your own lunch



Available cars

Attilla will probably be driving in from Barcelona after work there...

Time when which can will be leaving from where