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Agricultural hacking

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[POST-EVENT] This is information about the Eth0:2010 Winter Edition. [POST-EVENT]

- 17.00 hs - You are cordially invited to the fabulous Agricultural Hacking Happy Hour - 17.00 hs -

WELCOME eth-0 participants that are involved in projects concerning agriculture, food production/distribution/logistics and/or culture are cordially invited to the Agricultural Hacking Happy Hour. Debra Solomon, of CULIBLOG.ORG and the Social Design Lab for Urban Agriculture URBANIAHOEVE will be attending and most pleased to meet you.

Solomon is currently developing in a large scale urban agriculture project in the Hague involving hacking the existing green and social municipal infrastructure, I am keen to hear what you are doing and the possibility of forging alliances when necessary.

17.00 hs in the eth-0 Lounge.