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Team: Bar
Name Team Bar
Short Description Omnomnomnomnom
Contact Nils
Volunteers Wanted? ,|x|x"x" is not in the list (Much help needed, Some help needed, Not needed now) of allowed values for the "Summer 2010 Team Needs Volunteers" property.}}


Want to help out? Sign up at the roster!


  • Bouke
  • Nils
  • Christof ... helaas ziek geworden en kan niet komen :(
  • David
  • Mark
  • You? Signup!


The place where you have your liquids and solids that will get you through the entire day/night of hacking, lectures and other stuff you may seem fit to do. Since we're right next to the lounge, feel free to enjoy a drink while lounging!

We only accept Eth0 tokens, so go to the Cashier to get tokens first!

When no sufficient volunteers are present, you may be SOL when asking for anything here.


Tea, Coffee, Milk, Sour milk: 1 token

Espresso, Espresso++, Cappuccino: 2 tokens

Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Ice Tea, etc: 2 tokens

Club Mate: 4 tokens we have Regular, Ice, Club+Coke and Lemon.

Please remember to return your bottle!

Wine: 3 tokens we have red, white and rose wines

Beer: 3 tokens

Special beers: 5 tokens (bottle)

we have double, triple, corona and white beer


Crisps, natural or paprika: 1 token

Candybar: 1 token we have Mars, Twix, Bounty, Snickers

Stuffed cookie 1 token

Tosti ham/cheese (grilled cheese sw) 3 tokens

Bapao chicken | beef 3 tokens <-- should arrive tuesday!

Sandwich ham | cheese 2 tokens <-- should arrive tuesday!

Panini spicy chicken | ham/cheese 3 tokens

Hot Dog 3 tokens

Saucijzenbroodje (meatbread) 3 tokens