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  • size of the lounge is 30 X 10 m (of een grotere in een L vorm ?)
  • bar is not certain; aldert and gmc are coordinating with ccc about this
  • we don't want to make money on this, we want to have a bar within crawling distance
  • if we have a bar, it needs to be one where we can sit at the bar (nicer for the bar people) -> bar seats
  • we could sell the ccc stuff in our bar
  • we need to man the bar ourselves
    • 24/7???
  • we also want something podium shaped, for accidental music "vrij podium"
  • boven de bar: kippengaas? met ledjes erboven (, checken brandveiligheid, eerst een test met het kippengaas, witspuiten, ledjes los in gaas
  • water:
    • include water (without too much actual water) with floating candles!
    • not a lot of water present on site
    • water aanwezig proberen te maken, op lokatie geen water mogelijk, elektronisch water?
      • bvb blauwe ledjes met watergeluiden etc.
    • fountain, multitouch with projector and interactivity
    • electrical water (= blue building foil + el wire meshes under it, or something)
  • palm trees
    • should be possible to rent those over on .de, no?
    • with leds?
    • done by people of randomdata, blokje, fish? -> this is not confirmed/sure, needs to be checked

General inspiration / mood

  • lots of pillows matrasses to make it cosy
    • cloth:
  • Har was primary colors, different colors for oasis theme
  • hammocks: if strong enough, payable enough
  • Vragen aan alle hackerspaces of ze in de grote maker/hackerspaces tent willen of een eigen tent.

Radio studio

Probably two stacked 'bouwketen'


  • hackerspaces village
    • plaats waar je locale hangout is
    • waar je je laptop laat staan
    • waar je "peers" zitten
  • waar is de hangout: je hackerspace village
  • zowel de square zelf en de villages verlichten
  • hoeveel villages:
    • hackspace
    • brussel and ghent and antwerps
    • hack 42
    • random data
  • big tent
    • revspace

doing it

  • we have budget for the lounge, but it is not know how much
  • no confirmation on if-we-can-have-a-bar yet


Responsibility Responsible Notes
Lounge project manager Jildou design, overview etc. Jildou will make a global map of the lounge.
Lounge financials Jildou
Pillows, ornaments, lampions Job, Yashiko, Daan
Indoor furniture Ikarus, Sandb Seats, tables, etc...
Floor coverings/carpet Hans, Stefanie
Indoor lighting lounge Daan, Job, Yashiko, Stefanie, Hans
Music Not Assigned Do we want DJ's? What style of DJ's? What about license fees? (Gmc and/or Aldert will check about this with ccc soonish) The person responsible for the music orga also in charge for selecting the correct DJ's?
Bar orga Sandb
Bar design Brainsmoke deciding on the design, making sure there is clarity, building the thing. We plan to we move the bar from alkmaar to revspace, to work on it.
Plants and other wildlife Stefanie, Daan How much, how many plants?
Lounge outside Jildou
Trashbins HansF

Overall responisbilities

Responsibility Responsible Notes
General coordination Aldert Hazenberg
Designer Jildou
Theme coordinator Diggie
Financials HXX / Hx2 Gmc
Financials Eth0 / Hx2 Elmer