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From Friesland

Offering a ride

  • Fludizz - From Leeuwarden, departure on Friday evening 19:00, return trip probably Sunday around 02:00. Car is full: Gr0wlithe, Syb and Bolke.
  • BugBlue 2 of 3 plaatsen vanuit de betuwe via arnhem naar het oosten.
  • FooBar 1-2 plaatsen vanuit RevSpace / Den Haag
  • AK47 2-3 spots from Capelle a/d IJssel (via A20/A12/A28) @ 16:30 Friday, via Amersfoort to pick some stuff up (A1/A30/A12)
  • bertie - from around belgium. well, actually, from belgium. route will be eindhoven > arnhem > eth-0. arrive on friday, leave on sunday morning :)
  • You?

Looking for a ride

  • BuZz - from around Wageningen
  • Spider - also from around Wageningen :-p FIXED!
  • Syb - from Leeuwarden and back from Lievelde.
  • You?