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Eth0:2008 Summer/Homefree

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[POST-EVENT] This is information about the Eth0:2008 Summer Edition. [POST-EVENT]

Homefree @ eth0
#thuis @ ne2004
not ne2000 @ WTH
not ne2000 @ WTH

- Intro

Slightly media focused village/tent, but mostly Masters of Slack.

- Location

Somewhere in the Media village

- Tent layout

It will somewhat resemble our (well, my) previous tentcamps at numerous outdoor lan parties.
See the photos on the right for some nice examples.
Basically, we need to bring (cheapass) partytents, 'dekzeil' and rolls of ducttape.
After some short inventory uptaking, we will be able to place a 2-3 partytent structure in such a way, that we will not lose the tent to wind ;).

- Focus

buZz and dreamer are members of the VJ team Puik. and will probably spend the entire week playing videos and looking at trippy stuff.
Nobody (not even weazle) knows what weazle will focus on ... (or if he'll even come :()
Stoney3K will be running a nice AV and laser show out of our village/tent. (or maybe he'll be the A and buZz and dreamer the V, no idea)
loup is here to play with fun toys. Seriously, Red Hat is here. As we are the only media-minded nerds, we are sorta turning into the media village. So I guess our forced focus will be 'media' in general.

- Residents

- Point of interest to residents

Please bring something to add to the tent! Ducttape, a partytent, pieces of firm plastic, rope, anything.
Our tent will be built out of everything ppl will bring that is able to be tied-in to the rest. So our structure will become very opensource and flexible, but possibly also (too) light. We are planning to weigh-down the tent structure as much as possible with anything heavy we can find, and tie the entire structure to perhaps a tree, or a car or trolley, whatever works. :) But please bring material!

- Need to Bring

  • Ducttape
  • Basic tent material (that can be ducttaped to the rest)
  • Hardware
  • Beamer! (rent?) (!!! there)
  • Storage
  • Positive attitude and atmosphere
  • Lights (2x fourbar PAR56, laser, fog machine, DMX controller)
  • DJ set and speakers

- External links