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Eth0:2008 Summer/Service:Lectures

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[POST-EVENT] This is information about the Eth0:2008 Summer Edition. [POST-EVENT]

Also have a look at Eth0:2010_Winter_lectures

Lectures and workshops

Lectures and workshops
Time What Who Subject Status
15:00 Lecture Lex van Roon Hardening exim]
19:00 Lecture Nancy van Baak Vrouwen in opensource Canceled
20:30 Lecture Arjen Kamphuis Futureshock slides:ODFPDF Done
16:00 Lecture Rudy Hardeman Mono-IX Done
19:00 Lecture Duo-presention Centos Canceled
20:30 Lecture Elger Jonker Code generation for PHP Done
17:00 Lecture - QnA Yaakov Nemoy Red Hat, Fedora, and CentOS Done
19:30 Lecture Brenno de Winter Small Sister: Reclaiming privacy with open source Done
21:00 Lecture Lex van Roon Prelude-IDS Done
13:00 Lecture Jan Klopper Webdevelopment: Why standards Done
15:00 Lecture Yuen Keong Ng De Overheid, open in verbinding Done
18:00 Lecture Elger Jonker Data modeling with natural languages Done
19:30 Lecture Jeroen Habraken Basic data structures
20:30 Lecture Frans Pop Various Debian-related subjects
21:30 Lecture Yaakov Nemoy Smolt and Web Data Privacy for the Web 2.0 Done
13:00 Lecture Jan Klopper Webdevelopment: Semantics in depth
15:00 Lecture isACK DataRecovery - What to do when data is lost Cancelled
16:00 Workshop isACK DataRecovery - How to recover data Cancelled
19:00 Workshop Lex van Roon Implementing anti-spam with exim
19:30 Lecture Jeroen Habaken Binary search trees, growing and hugging them
15:00 Workshop Lex van Roon Setting up IDS systems with Prelude-IDS
17:30 Lecture Jeroen OpenStreetMap
19:30 Lecture Frans Pop Various Debian-related subjects
21:00 Lecture Robin van Steenbergen OpenLaserFrag, an open-source laser tag gaming system
22:30 Prijsuitreiking Iedereen Einduitslag en prijsuitreiking scavenger hunt en compos
13:00 EINDE IEDEREEN Het event is helaas over, het netwerk gaat plat
13:30 EINDE IEDEREEN Het event is helaas over, de stroom gaat er af
14:00 AFBREKEN CREW Het event wordt afgebroken, iedereen die wil mag helpen ;]