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Eth0:2008 Summer/Service:Leisure activities

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[POST-EVENT] This is information about the Eth0:2008 Summer Edition. [POST-EVENT]

Of course, part of the eth0 experience is the holiday, camp-site feeling, aside from serious talks and all-night gaming. The talk schedule is spread over the entire event, with enough time in between to relax.

NOTE: These are just suggestions for now. Feel free to chip in if you want to.


An outdoor event wouldn't be complete without a campfire (and a guitar to match ;-)...

DJ/VJ entertainment

In the Homefree tent, we have a group of people active in the music and entertainment industry. So I'm suggesting having a DJ/VJ set or something similar in the evening.

  • Requirements
    • DJ set (double CD player, mixer) -- [Stoney3K]
    • Speakers + amplifier -- [Stoney3K]
  • Schedule (enter your name here if you want to play at a specific time)


Last Campzone we had a Lazer Tag: Team Ops demonstration, might be a good idea to take these to eth0 as well.


We could build a slippery hill on the levee/dike and have all the geeks try and reach the top for swag.


There is a paintball outfit not far from the campsite, it might be fun to go there and shoot the daylight out of each other.