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Eth0:2010 Summer FAQ

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Frequently asked questions

Or, questions we believe you should have an answer to, whether you really wanted to know it or not :)

I lost my Adapter/Dog/ect, where is it?

Look at the lost and found page:


Eth0:2010 Summer is an outdoor high-tech geek conference. It aims toward sharing knowledge on tech/IT related fields. Talks during daylight, slacking at night. more


eth0:2010 Summer will be held at "Het Boshuis", which is located at the Noorderdijkweg 23, Wieringerwerf, The Netherlands. Directions


From the 10th up until the 13th. We open up on Tuesday at about 9 o'clock in the morning, and we're happy to accomodate you until 8 in the evening on the Friday.


About 200 people from various backgrounds; from IT to multimedia to hacking to content management.

Where can i buy tickets?

Tickets are still available in the ticketshop. Also, there's a few folks who have a ticket spare, elsewhere on the wiki.

Will there be day tickets

  • you can stay from 9:00 am, to 23:00 pm
  • Day tickets are 40e
  • If you buy consecutive day tickets, you can stay for the night.
  • Day tickets can be bought at the door, not online

Are there age restrictions?

Everyone at any age is welcome. Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult. More details in the ticketshop.

Can i arrive early or stay longer?

If you feel like helping out, you're welcome to arrive on the Monday. We do expect everyone on the field early to be there and make the event the best it can be; sweat and possibly dirty hands are involved. Have a look at Eth0:2010_Volunteers_Needed to see where your help is needed the most. If you want to stay longer, the same applies, but instead of building up, we're tearing down and cleaning up.

I happen to be really good at making stuff, can I help?

Really? That's awesome, the good folks over at Design need some practical folks to put things together during the build-up weekend. Have a look at Design#Like_to_help.3F, or get in touch with them at

How do I get to eth0:2010 Summer?

There's a wiki page for that too: Eth0:2010_Summer_Route

Is it possible to get there by public transport?

Indeed it is! Make sure you take a bus to the nearest bus station (Den Oever), and we'll be transport you to the campsite with scheduled shuttle trips.

Food arrangements?

Unfortunately none :(. Apparently we're an impossibly inbetween-size event, where individual people would get stressed out from the work, and major caterers simply don't have enough customers for it to be worthwhile. We do serve drinks and some small snacks at the bar, and there's food delivery / supermarkets in the area.

What should I bring?

Food, a computer or laptop, a tent to sleep in. Stuff you usually bring to a camping :) For an overcomplete list of things not to forget, have a look at this example packlist

Anything I should not bring?

Any massive audio gear, unless you keep the noise way, way down. Gear that draws a humongous amount of power: electric barbecues, water cookers, toasting irons. We only have limited power available for everyone, so please keep it sane. Also, please leave at home your own access points, as they'll interfere with the provided wifi and reduce the overall network quality.

What about fire and barbecue?

There will be a daily campfire (weather permitting) next to the Lounge. All other open fire is prohibited. Making use of your own (gas/coal) barbecue or camping-cooker is fine, as long as you keep the flames low.

Will there be electrical power on the campsite?

Yes. Power is 220-240 Volts/50 Hz AC, and you're likely to find a standard mainland-european outlet. Bring a nice long extension cord (25 meters should do). Bring more outlets than you have plugs.

What talks can I expect?

Have a look at the published program.

I want to help, what can I do now?

Have a look at Eth0:2010_Volunteers_Needed, or get in touch with ]].

Is it OK to come with a campervan/caravan?

Yes that's perfectly allright. Do note that campers/caravans are bound to a certain area of the terrain, and are not to be moved during the event; this way the network team is saved from repairing broken fiber all day. Other than that, do bring your hackerspace-on-wheels!

Can I park my car on the terrain?

Nope, there's a separate parking area about 1km from the field.

Can I drive up to my tent with my car to drop off gear?

There will be parking at approximately 1km from the event terrain. In case you need to unload really heavy stuff, there's short-term (unload and go) parking next to the event terrain. If you don't have much to carry, walking would probably be a faster option, and healthy to boot. No cars on the event terrain, period. A grass field is fragile, and contrary to popular belief, grass is very expensive to replace.

I am drunk, it's the middle of the night, and I can't seem to find my tent. Is there a shuttle service, or can I rent a golf cart or time machine?


I have another question, where can I find the answer?

Try a search on the wiki, or send your question to