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Eth0:2011 Winter CFP

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Call For Papers (workshops)

We're looking at cool hack-related / knowledge oriented workshops. Want to share something cool? Almost anything goes. Submit your workshop ideas by sending an email to

eth0:2011 -- Call for Papers / Participation

Friday 14 jan 2011 - Sunday 16 jan 2011
Location: De panoven, Zevenaar (near Germany / Arnhem), Netherlands

Important Dates

Submission deadline for contributions
Jan 5th
Earliest acceptance notification
Jan 1st
Latest notification of acceptance
Jan 10th
Schedule completed
Jan 10th

About eth0:2011

A conference for hackers, developers and internet residents
Organised by the eth0 foundation and supported by the Hxx foundation
In 'de panoven', Zevenaar, The netherlands

This winter, we are gonna do things a bit different from what you might be used from us. We are going to focus on workshops, getting things done, getting busy and making a difference. eth0 is searching for workshops interesting to those who like to tinker with hardware, software or flex their skills to defend (internet) freedom


The following subjects are considered interesting and relevant for eth0:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Ethical hacking
  • Hackerspaces
  • Open Source
  • Open Technologies
  • Politics regarding Piracy, Copyright and Intellectual Property, Freedom of speech
  • Bio-Hacking
  • Solutions to complex IT problems
  • ...

The workshops that we'd like to see would probably following the next few 'rules':

  • A quarter of an hour of introduction, letting people know what you are going to show, what level of experience and skills you expect from those attending the workshop
  • About an hour or maybe two of actual 'tooltime'.
  • Hands on help during the whole 'tooltime', make sure people get a result at the end.
  • If its a group project, make sure you have some infrastructure setup in advance so you as the organizer wont have deal with that during the actual workshop.


All entries must be submitted to us by email to We will be needing:

  • Your name, nickname or pseudonym, and how exactly it should appear in the program website
  • The title of your submission
  • A short bio of you or your group
  • Optionally, a picture of you / your group
  • A short (150 words max) summary/description of your subject
  • A detailed description of your subject
  • Any requirements (audio/video resources, whiteboard, soldering irons etc)
  • Contact e-mail address
  • A rough estimate on how long you can keep a group of people interested and busy.
  • A rough estimate on the max amount of participants you can cater to.
  • Language of your presentation (Dutch or English are accepted)

Location and Technology

eth0 will provide the following equipment at the workshop area:

  • 230V AC power
  • A video projector with VGA d-sub connection (mac users please bring a relevant adapter)
  • Projection screen
  • Audio Line-in connection (for your laptop)
  • Video and audio recording of your presentation
  • RJ45 Lan and 230v AC power outlets for those taking part in the workshop.

Should you need anything not listed here, please make a note of this in your submission and we will try to accommodate this as far as possible. If you do not want your presentation recorded (and/or put online) please let us know beforehand.


eth0:2011 is a non-profit event and the lecturers/workshops are not paid. It is unfortunately not possible for us to reimburse travel and or accommodation fees.

We hope to see you at eth0:2011 Winter

The eth0:2011 Winter Program Committee

  • Jeroen Dekkers
  • Mark Janssen