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Eth0:2011 Winter FAQ

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Eth0:2011 Winter is an indoor high-tech geek conference. Everybody shares knowledge on tech/IT related fields. Talks and workshops during daylight, slacking at night.


  • Panovenweg 18
  • 6905DW Zevenaar
  • lat: 51.918049
  • lon: 6.070712


  • From: 2011-01-14 18:00
  • To: 2011-01-16 18:00


About 120 people from various technology related fields.

Where can i buy tickets?

In the new and improved ticketshop!

There are two types of tickets available: Volunteer and Corporate. A limited edition lackrack is shipped with corporate tickets.

Will there be day tickets


If you want to visit for a few hours there are two options:

  1. we have to know you, you're part of the community (hackerspace related etc)
  2. make an appointment if you've never been to an eth0 event before and state your business

I've bought a ticket, but my name isn't on it

Indeed. That space is yours to do with what you please.

Tickets can be transferred from person to person. They are unique and can only be used once.

Are there age restrictions?

Everyone at any age is welcome. Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult. More details will be mentioned in the ticketshop.

Can i arrive early or stay longer?

No, unless you are crew.

Crew buildup starts friday-morning and teardown ends sunday-evening.

I happen to be really good at making stuff, can I help?

Yes, please make contact with the team or persons you want to help. Teams are listed on the event info page.

How do I get to eth0:2011 Winter?

There is a Route page with all relevant info.

Is it possible to get there by public transport?

Yes, check the Route page.

Food arrangements?

Yes, included in the ticket price are 2 x breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also a deep-fried menu which does cost monies. Drinks are not included. Of course you are allowed to bring your own foods and drinks.

What should I bring?

Its two nights in three days. That means you have to survive that long and bring appropriate stuffs. Beds are available but bring your own sleeping bag. The larger part of the main-hall is a lounge; there will be a limited amount of tables and chairs. (this was also the case last winter event and it worked great). If you want to bring a server send an email to [ network]

Anything I should not bring?

Power consuming machines like water-cookers and etcetera. PC's are welcome but 95% of the visitors bring a laptop (see "What should I bring?")

What about fire and barbecue?

Fire indoor is a big NO. BBQ allowed outdoors. (enjoy your middle-of-the-winter BBQ)

What talks can I expect?

This event focusses on workshops. There will be some talks though, which are technically oriented in different levels. Check the event info page for a list of workshops/talks.

I want to help, what can I do now?

Get in touch with

Can I park my car on the terrain?

Yes, when you arrive on the terrain there are signs to guide you to the parking space.

What about alcohol and soft drugs?

Alcohol is allowed with moderate consumption. Smoking is allowed outdoors. Any drugs are not allowed; we'll remove you from the terrain.

I have another question, where can I find the answer?

Please contact us. These people can guide you to an answer quickly:

I lost my Adapter/Phone/etc, where is it?

Look at the lost and found page: