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Eth0:2011 Winter carpool

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Because a lot of people will drive to eth0 events a carpool page looked useful to me


In need of a ride

  • Will-Do. I have snowboardlessons at fridays and because of the great public transport back home I can't leave earlier then 22:30 (@ Amsterdam). I only have 1 bag at me.
  • Stoney3K. Will be able to join up with anyone driving the Eindhoven - Zevenaar track, via nearest railway station. Will have 1 bag + backpack.

Does have extra seats

  • iisschots: 1 seat from Leeuwarden. Will leave there around 17:15. Route will be Leeuwarden-Heerenveen-Zwolle-Zevenaar. Anyone on that route needs a ride let me know. I'm on IRC or nickname @

Already fixed, ty though

  • buZz: diggie is picking me up \o/ (diggie sez: I is driving from Muiden to Arnhem, via Amersfoort & Wageningen, on the day before the event (thursday) around 12:00.)