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Eth0:2011 winter:2weekUpdate

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This is the new year's update for the eth0:2011 Winter event. Only a two weeks left now! We’re looking forward to a great new building (near Arnhem), a diverse crowd, a lounge, retro, bar and coverage of a wide range of subjects.

One last mail is scheduled a few days before the event; it contains parking info and last minute changes.


Over half of the (120) tickets has been sold. Be sure to get one in time; there is no guarantee that door tickets will be available or plentiful.

As you may have noticed, we’re selling two types of tickets this time. Normal (volunteer) tickets sell for 42 EUR, while corporate tickets are just 84 EUR. Corporate tickets come with a shiny, limited edition, eth0-LackRack, an invoice for you or your boss’ finances and our gratitude for a sizable anonymous sponsoring.

Ticketshop: LackRack:


This year, things will be a bit different from previous events. We’re hosting two labs, one of which will effectively become a ‘maker-lab’. The good folks from fablabtruck will be visiting again, not with the whole truck, but a good selection of hardware. gmc from Revspace will provide a class in “Pinball machine restoration” and a small “build ‘n solder” project (most likely TV-B-Gone).

The other lab will be able to host a group of up to 20-30 people for talks and workshops. A selection of the current program: Current workshops include: Pinball machine restoration; Getting Things Done; VJ-ing and digital DJ-ing; HTML5/Canvas/SVG primer.


Call for workshops and talks

No-prep workshops (where the “host” doesn’t need to prep, because he’s into it) are extremely welcome. Otherwise, if you have discovered something, have a project running or are involved into quality stuff; just give a workshop or factor it into a talk.

Specifically we’re looking for a workshop on “how to survive hacker conferences” and one on “easy things to secure your life” in the broadest sense.

Send an e-mail to with (at least) the following info and you’ll get a slot: number of attendees, topic, rationale, complexity, time needed in blocks of 30 minutes. Don’t hesitate :)

Example subjects: computer science, security, privacy, standards, tinkering, hardware, music theory, communication, networks, Internet culture etc.

More information available here:

(note: we’re cutting down on political talks)


Currently BIT and Mollie are sponsoring. BIT decided to help us with an Internet tunnel, a temporary server, bandwidth and 1000ft of CAT5e. Mollie has lowered its transaction fee. They are also running a wikileaks payment server: showing their support for the freedom of information on the Internet.

We’re looking for a main sponsor; an IT-related sponsor with knowledge. We’re already calling and mailing, but with little luck so far. If you have a lead, think your boss can spare a few euros, or know of a company that should sponsor the next eth0 event? Email us and we’re on it!


In the last week of 2010, 27C3 was held in Berlin, a (huge) hacking conference hosting around 4500 people. Post-event videos of talks are available and some of them even hit the news. If you find yourself with some spare time, check out their event website.

General Info

Event info: Ticketshop: FAQ: Location:

See you at eth0 Winter!

The eth0-crew