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Eth0:2014 summer talks

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Failbaitr, Opening talk

Welcome, rules

Brenno de winter

Mystery talk!


Tools for lazy sysadmins

  • Ansible
  • ELK
  • MQTT

Patrice Riemens, Net politics

I could interest the gathering with some rambling talk about, say net.politics after Snowden (or something like that - but don't ask me to talk code: IANAC applies)

Failbaitr / Fugu, Aluminium melting

A demonstration on how to melt aluminium using Fracks's melting furnace

Brainsmoke, SMD soldering

How its done, and what you need to look out for. This includes a workshop part for those interested in trying. Brainsmoke is building a ball with ~900 leds that can be flown around and needs all the smd soldering help he can get!

Martijn, Mechanical Cad drawing and material deformation demo

Using Autodesk Creator, Martijn is going to show how you can design a machine out of discrete parts, animate it, and then see what various loads do with the structure of your design.

NooitAf, DroneMotels

How we might/should/will have infinite fun with drones, indefinitely.

Gori, Evolution of socio-technical systems

In this talk and discussion afterward I would like to explore Complex Adaptive Systems and Universal Darwinism, discuss how these topic are relevant for hackers, provide a potentially different view on the world around us, and get feedback on a paper I am developing.



Talks/workshops are welcome... please sign up on this page or e-mail bestuur[@]