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Eth0:2019 Autumn/update2

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Originally published on 2019-09-29

Hi eth0 friends!

Wow! We're just under three weeks from the event and we're 80% sold out. A lot of old friends will meet a large group of new friends on friday the 18th! We'd love to have you at eth0:autumn, so if you've haven't purchased a ticket, please do it SOON. It will enable us to rent 'the entire building' so we have more room for hacking, chatting, workshops and talks!

The ticketshop can be found at !


Over the past weeks a bunch of cool workshops, talks and activities have popped up on the schedule! Not everything has an exact time planned yet but this is the most content rich eth0 in years! Interested in hosting a workshop or talk? Please add yourself to the schedule!


We're also very proud to announce this eth0 will be the first eth0 to have a badge! designed a very compact DIY badge. A few people have already pledged to bring components, so be prepared for crazy soldering and badge hacking! Want to enable people making crazy stuff? Bring some parts! Bring a soldering station! Through-hole, SMD, SOIC will all fit easily!

Sleeping bag/bedlinnen

Please note that the accommodation does not provide a sleepingbag and bedlinnen. The cost would cause a price-hike of about 20%! Please bring:

  • Sleeping Bag or something similar
  • Pillow if you need one
  • Fitted sheet (the matrasses have a vinyl cover, a fitted sheet will feel much nicer and deals with sweat etc a LOT better.


We're planning to make dinner on friday and saturday, and all dishes we prep will be either vegan or vegetarian. Some allergies can and will be taken into account, such as dairy, but we'll be unable to handle most of them (such as Gluten and nuts). Feel free to bring your own options, but do note that the two kitchens we have will be very busy while preparing meals for 80-100 people at some points in the day. Ordering food via thuisbezorgd is also an option, as is going to the supermarktets in the nearby towns.


Yes! You can make your own hacker-camp just outside the venue. If you don't want to sleep indoors, bring your tent and other camping paraphernalia and DIY camp!

Outside area

There are ambitions to have a nice seating area outside, so please bring those Coleman Shelters (if it's rainy) and some chairs. Gori is bringing his Zen Garden of Fire, you might even be able to roast marshmallows! (bring enough to share ;) )

Thats all for today! Please like and subscribe and we'll see you soon at eth0:autumn!