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Eth0:2019 Autumn/update3

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Hi everyone! eth0:2019 is almost upon us and we will meet very soon! (we'd love to see more people, get your friends a ticket at )

Packing list for eth0

Same for 1%, 2% and regular tickets:

Sleeping and hygiene

  • Fitted sheet, mattresses are 90cmx210cm
  • Sleeping bag or blanket or whatever
  • Pillow if you use one
  • Towel
  • Slippers/flip-flops for the shared showers
  • Stuff to get you clean
  • Stuff to make you smell nice
  • Sleeping mask and/or earplugs if you need them
  • Clean clothes to last the weekend, dress code is 'hackers and/or cyber-chic'


  • Extension cord, something safe (no kroonsteentjes!) with a bunch of outlets
  • Cool tools and projects
  • Laptop
  • RJ45 UTP CAT1337 networking cable if you need/want wired connection

Other notes


We will cook two dinners, Friday- and Saturday night. It's a lot of work to feed 100 people, so please help out! The menu will be vegan- and vegetarian- compatible, so no dairy unless you add cheese, but still very tasty! We won't make it too spicy! For an exhaustive list of ingredients, please check with the cooking crew before dinner.

Both meals might also be optionally gluten-free (if you skip the 'wrap' on Friday) but we have no measures in place to prevent cross contamination with gluten. If you have a very very specific diet, please bring your own, order in, or eat out. We love you but we can't do it all!

A very basic breakfast will be there, and as always "le Fonduere" will be active as well (you can buy and make grilled cheese sandwiches (tosti) to your hearts content!)


As always we'll bring plenty of Mate and soda's. On each we set a small profit margin to help pay for the event.


Buildup Friday will begin around 1400, so if you want to help out, please join us for early access. If you don't want to help out, please plan your arrival to be around 1630.


Normal arrival and checkin is scheduled for 16:30. Have your tickets ready, we'll bring the wrist-bands! And yes, as long as we're not sold out, you can pay for a ticket at the door (though we prefer the heads up so we can adjust the grocery shopping). Parking can happen at the parking lot. Trains stop 750m away, Lichtenvoorde-Groenlo station.

Women's only dorm

All the shared dorms are multi-sex (unisex is so... boring), except for one.


All throughout the event we need your help to make it happen. Some tasks will be announced, others will be implicit. If you spot a dirty table, clean up. Help cook, wash dishes, take out the trash. Announce a talk, make an actual schedule, peer pressure someone into doing an ad hoc talk, record something, bring gezelligheid. eth0 is a DIY event.

See you soon!