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Eth0:2019 Autumn/update4

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Hey eth0 friends,

thanks for the awesome weekend! I’m writing this on the way home, head still spinning with everything that happened. I saw talks, badge hacking, board games, retro gaming, embroidery, sewing, inflatables, tensegrity structures, flames bursting through sand, dots that flip, LORA, grilled cheese sandwiches, a megaton of very bright blinky LEDs, very cool workshops, but i mainly saw about 80 friends! It really shows the greatness of the community, seeing so many people from so many different places to come together and have fun. A LOT of new ideas have been built at eth0!

Thanks for everything, and many thanks for the many hands helping out during and after the event. Teardown was fast and efficient!

We have some lost/found objects: a pair of shoes, sleeping bag, suitcase with a blanket. Let me know if they are yours, you can pcik them up at Revspace. If i hear nothing for a month, i will get rid of them on november 31. So please be in touch.

So... whats next? I think eth0:2020 autumn should happen. If you want to help put it together, reach out!