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Duration 2009/02/07 - 2009/02/08
Information FOSDEM '09 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.


Pre-event dinner @ amsterdam



Hoe laat:




  • Aequitas
  • Failbaitr
  • Elmer
  • FooBar
  • Webmind
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  • Juerd (at fostdem, but staying somewher else)


Driver Origin passenger seats Occupants
Aequitas Utrecht 3 Stoney3K
FooBar Maastricht 3
Failbaitr Medemblik 3 Floes, webmind

Sleeping place

We have booked 2 appartments (4 + 3 persons) (Aequitas, FailBaitr, Floes, Juerd, Vexocide, Stoney3K, Webmind and FooBar)

  • Arrival: 6 Feb 20:00
  • Departure: 8 Feb 11:00
  • Free Wifi @ Appartments
  • [Google Maps Location]
  • Price is: 450 Euro (64.30 per person, plx transfer this to giro: 6295103, M.M.Janssen, Zoetermeer)
  • Description
    • The Manneken 2 is a beautiful one-bedroom apartment located in a central part of Brussels, in a unique and colorful neighborhood. It comes with a load of extra features, including an Iron and Ironing Board, Dishwasher and a Hair Dryer. There’s a pleasant little living room where you can sit back on the sofa and watch a flick on the DVD player.
    • With room enough to comfortable accommodate up to 4 guests, this stylish one bedroom apartment in Brussels creates a homely environment from which to explore the city. The city’s Main Railway Station and a tram stop are both nearby ensuring you’ll have easy access to all that Belgium’s capital city has to offer, including Grand Place de Bruxelles close by.

Other Possible crash places (however, most seem to be full, or incapable of holding groups > 4 people):

In car wifi

We will try and setup a car to car wifi network using biquad antenna's coupled to an umts uplink. Two 2gb/month sim for .be have been fixed but haven't arrived yet.