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Event:Fedora 11 Release Party

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Event Fedora 11 Release Party
Name Fedora 11 Release Party

When 2009/06/12


Come celebrate the release of Fedora 11. There will be punch and pie.

Outside dreamer's house there is a lot of grass. we can put up tents and tables for a nice outdoor lanparty.

We will have 100mbit fdx internet and power available. Also wireless will be provided and a fireplace is already there. Also, dreamer will fix-up the outside cocktailbar :D


Friday, 12th of June, starting around 18:00 until everyone passes out.


Because there is never enough!!!

With how many

There's probably room for up to 15 people (5-6 tents behind the house, ~3-4 party tents in front). Sign up quickly so dreamer will know the amount of people that are coming.

What teh cost

We might get money from the Fedora Project, otherwise you will be asked to chip in a few euros for food and beer.

Can Haz Door Prizes?

Most likely :)


Droevendaal #55

See Google maps or OpenStreetMap

Nicely between A12, A50 and A15.

Also easily reached via bus from Station Ede-Wageningen.


  • Lan Party
  • Install Fest
  • General Hacking
  • Specific Hacking
  • Vaguely Specific Hacking
  • Keysigning party
  • Tequilla drinking
  • BBQ \o/
  • slacking @ the campfire
  • more slacking
  • meta discussions over slacking
  • ...


- Certainly

* pluisje moet toch afzeggen helaasch

- Maybe

- Definitely not

  • je moeder
  • buzz's moeder
  • Darth Vader
  • De paus