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These are all hackerspaces currently operating in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and near those borders. For an extensive, worldwide, list of hackerspaces, check out This is not a complete list, all active or "being-founded-right-now" are on the list. This list is initially sorted on Activity and then on if there is physical space.

The single purpose of this page is to instantly see what hackerspaces there are and which one is operating (and) closest to you. Otherwise use this page to get a glimpse on where to join a starting hackerspaces.

Todos for this page (due to time constraint)

  • Add logo's
  • Add belgium hackerspaces
  • Add Luxembourg spaces
Logo Name Location Operating Status Open When Website Address
Bit Lair Netherlands, Amersfoort Planning [Website]
Logo whitespace.png Whitespace Belgium, Ghent Active, 25 participants The space is always open on Thursday evening, but all members have keys, so just check here to find out who is in the space. [Wiki] Blekerijstraat 75

Be-9000 Gent

Revspace logo.png Revelation Space Netherlands, The Hague Active, 50+ participants Daily, all members have keys [Wiki] Binckhorstlaan 172

2516 BG Den Haag

x200px Randomdata Netherlands, Utrecht Active, 15 participants Twice a week? [Blog] Parkstraat 40

3581 PL Utrecht

x200px Moddr Netherlands, Rotterdam Active, ?? participants Daily? [Website] Willem Buytewechstraat 188


Sk1llz logo.jpg sk1llz Netherlands, Almere Active, ?? participants Every tuesday from 19:00 [Website] Stadhuisplein 2


x200px Moenenspace Netherlands, Nijmegen Founding Bi-weekly meetings [Wiki] Waldeck Pyrmontsingel 16

6521 BC Nijmegen

x200px SLUG Netherlands, Amsterdam Active Unkown, see workshops [Blog] Unkown
Hack42 logo.png Hack42 Netherlands, Arnhem Active, > 30 participants Often, members have keyz && Bi-weekly meetings [Wiki] Koningsweg 23a, Arnhem
Ackspace logo.png ACKspace Netherlands, Heerlen Founding Unknown [Wiki] Undetermined
Tkkrlablogo trans.png Tkkrlab Netherlands, Enschede (Twente) Active weekly meetings on tuesday, members have key [] Route

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