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We decided to give out free Hxx tshirts (contact if you think you should get one) to spread the news that the HAR volunteers and the Foundation behind HAR plan to continue to play an active role in the Dutch hacker congress and hackerspaces scene.

Photos of (part of) the Hxx community at 26c3

Requests for an Hxx Hoodie have resulted in this wiki page :)

Hooded Sweatshirt.png


The Hoodies will be black and will have the now famous glow in the dark Hxx logo quite big on the back and some smaller on the left front side.

There are 2 types of Hoodies : Zipper (red example on right) and NO-Zipper (blue example on right)


  • All sizes up to and including XXL without zipper : 30 Euro
  • All sizes up to and including XXL with zipper : 35 Euro
  • (3XL without zipper: 35E, with zipper: 40E)

  • If you sign up you confirm that want an Hxx Hoodie and will pay the correct amount.
  • All sales are FINAL
  • If you dont want to gamble with the size, maybe order a bigger one (or do not order, all sales are -final-)

The Hoodies will 99% certain be at eth0 and payment can be done in cash there.


BESTELD \a/ Deadline passed.

List of people who want Hoodie without zipper

  1. Aldert, size L
  2. Bert, size 3XL
  3. failbaitr size L
  4. loups size L (just in time too, i need a new one :) )
  5. Elmer size XL
  6. Vicarious, size XL
  7. Thyrif size L
  8. Mischa size XL
  9. mrngm size L
  10. rd size XXL
  11. MishMash size XL
  12. Spider size L
  13. r3boot size L
  14. Jan, size L


Hooded Sweat Jack.png

List of people who want Hoodie with zipper

  1. Aldert, size L
  2. Bert, size 3XL
  3. Zarya, size XL
  4. Gmc, size XL
  5. pluisje, size L
  6. User:Airwolf:Airwolf, size L
  7. Knorrie, XL
  8. Timo, XL (will not be at eth0, just contact me for payment & delivery)
  9. Dhillon, size L (hack in the box)
  10. Dekkers, size S
  11. Lasert, size L
  12. Cinder, size XL
  13. Quux, size 3XL
  14. Mischa size XL
  15. rd size XXL
  16. Brainsmoke size L
  17. maze size XL
  18. Juerd XL
  19. Aequitas L


Ladies zipper, 30 Euro

Spicy Hooded Sweat.png
  1. Bienetje, M
  2. Elanthia, M (will not be on eth0)
  3. ..


The hoodies have proven to be hugely popular. Perhaps, if enough people show interest, I (gmc) has persuaded fenrir to manage a second batch. So just put your name and size down below:

  1. Bamieater, size L, Zipper
  2. Ranzbak, size XL, Hoodie
  3. AngelM, Ladies L, Zipper
  4. MishMash, size XXL, Zipper
  5. Blokje, size L, Hoodie
  6. rd, size 3XL, Hoodie (I can haz swimsuit?)
  7. Meier: size L, 1 w zipper, 1w/o zipper
  8. Attilla, size L, Hoodie with zipper
  9. Stonehead, size XL, hoodie

Ook te gebruiken als laptop sleeve