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[POST-EVENT] This is information about the Eth0:2010 Winter Edition. [POST-EVENT]

Musica Maestro!

It seems that this totally and utterly brilliant plan just wasn't meant to work out properly. Apparently there's just not enough space to do it without seriously disturbing the other, less music loving, visitors. So to prevent us from lugging around tons of gear which we won't use, it might just be better to call it quits. This time.

BUT there will be an Eth0 summer edition, with hopefully more room and more time, so we might just re-use this idea on the summer edition.


--Murf 10:54, 11 January 2010 (CET)


Just making some music (jamming) with a bunch of you guys.

If you like the idea of jamming and fooling around with instruments for a few hours and have some gear to take with you (even your voice or a simple drum counts), drop down a line on this page.

You do NOT have to be a virtuoso of any kind, it isn't even necessary to be able to play any instrument, you might simply borrow an instrument from someone (just be carefull with it) and play along. It is well known that you can make some really nice music with just someone tapping a simple rithm, playing 2 notes on a bass guitar and strumming 2 chords on a guitar.


  • Murf - Playing accordeon, bass guitar, also has (but won't necessarily bring) a small djembe, a didgeridoo and a keyboard
  • Fugu - Will bring his Alesis SR-16 Drumcomputer
  • Dave - A gun
  • Stoney3K - Acoustic 6-string + Ableton Live, also has a keyboard (but also a limited luggage carrying capacity!)
  • MishMash - Electric Bass guitar. Seems that i have to bring my Peavey TNT 115 also...
  • Thyrif - Gitaren enzo ^^ (Voor de zomer dan maar?)


There's a BIG BIG BIG Uh-Oh here... Next to missing some vital instrument (a drum, a real drum) we just might have some trouble finding a spot to perform without either disturbing the lectures or disturbing other activities like sleeping & such. So before everybody packs his/her gear and gets ready to perform and create the best ad-hoc noise possible with a bunch of nerds, we just might need to figure out if we can actually **make** music somewhere in the building...